8 tips for transforming your house into a home this isolation

Posted: 5pm 07 Apr 2020

Plans cancelled this weekend and feeling a bit stuck at home? Now is the perfect time to ask yourself the question - do I love the space I live in?

If the answer isn’t a resounding YES – then you’ve just found the perfect time to roll up your sleeves, grab a glass of wine and start working towards turning your house into the home you’ve always wanted, but never had time for (until now)!

Thanks to our friends at She, you don’t have to be an interior designer to turn your home into your dream space. By following these simple tips and tricks, you’ll turn your space from drab to fab – we guarantee you’ll love it so much, you won’t want to leave even when isolation is over...

8 tips for transforming your house into a home

#1. Find your style

You’re unique – so it’s no surprise that your personal style should be a reflection of you! Your style is a combination of the things (and people) you love, the places you’ve been the pieces you’re drawn to and what lights you up inside.

But, how do you find your style? Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a Pinterest account (if you don’t already have one). Create a board and start pinning any images of home décor, furniture, settings that you absolutely LOVE
  • Create a physical mood board, grab pictures, colours and materials that you are drawn to and paste it onto a blank piece of paper (or surface of your choice)

Reflecting on all your learnings put together 2-3 words to describe your style (eg. modern Hamptons, coastal luxe, industrial barn house etc.) - this is your STYLE, now let’s make it work for you!

#2. Get organised - Time for a cleanse & spring break (or iso-break)

If you haven’t read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – then I suggest you do!

Nothing is more satisfying (or therapeutic) then a good old fashion spring clean. If something in your home doesn’t bring you joy or “light you up”, then it’s time for it go.

To truly start transforming your space, you must start to get organised.

#3. Colour palette

Want to make your rooms all feel different, but still part of the same home? Colour plays an important part in achieving this.

If you follow the 60/30/10 rule, you can’t go wrong. This means:

  • 60% main colour – This colour should be what represents your main surfaces such as your walls and benches (most likely, this is going to be white or a neutral colour)
  • 30% secondary colour – This is going to be the colour of your flooring, feature walls and larger furniture. Try to keep the same tones for these colours
  • 10% accent colour – This is what really makes your home “pop” - it’s the colour (or colours – but sticking to the same tone and colour palette) you choose to add that extra bit of “wow” factor through accessories and decorations (think rugs, pillows, photo frames etc)

#4. Window furnishings

Often overlooked, window furnishings are a quick and easy way to transform any room.

Your window furnishings should generally match the colour (or be a similar tone) of your main walls (the 60%). Unless, you’re wanting to use them as a bold feature (the 10%). Refer back to your style and colour palette as a guide for which colours you should choose.

TIP: A great way to soften the look of harsh windows and to alter the look of the height of your space is by using curtains. Mounting the curtains floor to ceiling can work to completely open-up the space and extend the height of your walls, helping to draw the eye up and add in a sense of softness and comfort.

#5. Furniture selection & layout

The furniture you choose is one of the most crucial parts of a good interior design. It's one thing to have amazing furniture but if you don't know how to lay it out properly it can completely affect the entire flow, function and feeling of a space.

When looking at the layout, consider the following;

  • FLOW - Ensure there is flow in your space, meaning space around your furniture so you can freely roam around the space
  • BALANCE & SYMMETRY - Create unity and balance within a space by using the rules of symmetry - if you were to cut the room in half it should look identical (if not very similar)

#6. Textiles - rugs, cushions, bedding, throws etc.

Want to turn your house into a home? This could be the most important tip of all – textiles are essential to creating your unique style and most importantly, making your home comfortable.


  • Use feather filled cushions - these create a luxurious look when styled properly, they are comfier and allow for the infamous “karate chop” styling
  • Play with different textures and patterns pending on the style of your space
  • Add a throw to all your bedding and sofas, this adds an extra layer, creating a homely feel and a ‘pop of colour’ (the 10%) to the space
  • Cushions are a great way to bring in an accent colour to the room (the 10%)
  • Invest in good quality comfortable mattresses and pillows (or if budgets are tight, add a mattress topper) - you won’t be sorry!

#7. Decorating

This is where your style really starts to shine! In your decorative pieces, you're adding a touch of your personality, soul and style.


  • Add plants and real greenery to help bring life into the home – use baskets and pots that match your style
  • Display books and magazines on coffee tables - they shouldn’t be hidden away collecting dust
  • Get old school and print your favourite photos and put them in some photo frames to display around your home (great way to add some of the 10% colour)
  • Mirrors are a great way to open a space and reflect light
  • Style your kitchen bench with chopping boards, jars and utensils – don't hide these in the draw

#8. Ambience

Ambience is not just about making your home LOOK good but FEELING good.

The finishing touch – adding ambience also known as the “sensory experience” gets the senses involved – what you see, feel, smell, taste and hear.


  • Make your home smell beautiful with candles, incense, essential oils, soaps and fresh flowers
  • Soft plush rugs and textiles give it a homely feel
  • Fans, heating and cooling systems to create comfort
  • Play relaxing background music

Want to know more about turning your house into a home?

My Irresistible Home is a DIY guide to Interior Design, available now. Head to to begin the journey.



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