Exclusive: Kruz hailed a hero after saving drowning boy's life

Published 12:20pm 7 February 2023

Exclusive: Kruz hailed a hero after saving drowning boy's life
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

A teenager from Bray Park State High School has been hailed as a hero after his quick-thinking actions saved the life of a young boy from drowning.

Kruz Greensill was at the Chermside Aquatic Centre with his family on Saturday, January 28 when he noticed a six-year-old boy facedown at the bottom of the pool.

“He was right behind me and when I looked around, I saw he was floating down to the bottom of the pool,” Kruz said.

“We were in the deepest pool there was, and at the start I thought he was just playing.

“But when he was down there for about 10 seconds, I realised he wasn’t and that I should go down and get him.

“There was a man that walked past and I yelled out to him saying there is a boy down there and I don’t know if he is playing or drowning, but I don’t think he heard me.

“So, I went down and got him. I held onto his arm and brought him up and he was a dead weight.

“I flipped him around on the top of the water and then another man came and grabbed him and started screaming out to the lifeguards because my voice was very faint.

“The lifeguard came over and started doing CPR and I saw water come out his mouth and I felt relieved.”

Kruz described the rescue as “frightening” but was glad he noticed the young boy when he did, knowing it could have been a very different outcome.

“If I was too late in getting to him, he wouldn’t have a life anymore,” Kruz said.

“If he was down there any longer, he might have had brain damage or died.

“But since I saw him, he has a life now, so I am happy about that.

“I would never have left him down there.”

Exclusive: Kruz hailed a hero after saving drowning boy's life
Above: Kruz Greensill at the Lawnton Aquatic Centre, where he spoke with Moreton Daily on the day of his school's swimming carnival. 

After the rescue, the 14-year-old ran back to tell his dad and then “sat by the back of the fence and looked over everything that was going on”.

Before the six-year-old was taken to hospital, Kruz had the opportunity to meet him and his family, who were very grateful for his heroic actions.

“His nanna was talking to me and gave me a big hug and kept saying thank you for saving his life,” the 14-year-old said.

“The paramedics then let me into the back of the ambulance to see him and his face wasn’t blue anymore.”

Since the rescue, Kruz and his family have been in touch with the young boy, who has recovered from the incident.

“He sent me a video saying ‘Hi Kruz, thank you for saving my life. You’re now my best friend’,” Kruz said.

In a post on social media, Kruz’s father Dan Greensill said he and his family were “beyond proud”.

“We are beyond proud of our boy and he’s been told he has his first job lined up if he wants it plus an unlimited pass for us all to return to the park,” the post said.

“We are in contact with the family and the young boy has recovered and is doing well.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of getting your kids taught to swim cause it gave Kruz the confidence to do what he did.”

Exclusive: Kruz hailed a hero after saving drowning boy's life
Above: Kruz Greensill was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the lifeguards and area manager at the Chermside Aquatic Centre. 

Recognised for his heroism

Kruz and his family returned to the Chermside Aquatic Centre on the weekend where he received a Certificate of Appreciation from the area manager and lifeguards. 

This has prompted Kruz to consider becoming a lifeguard.

“I was thinking of working at the cinema but nah, maybe I should be a lifeguard because I was actually quite good at it,” Kruz said.

“I’m good at CPR on little kids, but not on adults yet.”


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