Pay it Forward

Local Stories   •   14-7-2020  •   Kylie Knight

South Sudan mission for Redcliffe’s Rene Van Rooyen

Redcliffe born and raised Navy logistics officer, Lieutenant Rene Van Rooyen is one of 19 Australian Defence Force personnel deployed on Operation Aslan as part of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)…

Local News   •   9-6-2020  •   Kylie Knight

Travel agent want you to pay it forward

Helloworld Travel Strathpine hopes a pay-it-forward deal saving customers money on their next holiday will help local the local tourism and hospitality industries in the months ahead. …

Local Stories   •   3-6-2020  •   Kylie Knight

Community unites to feed the needy

The team at Youth Development Foundation and their supporters have hit the kitchen and the road to deliver more than 250 meals a week to the needy. …

The Latest

news   •   18-5-2020  •   Kylie Knight

Volunteers prove to be COVID-19 silver lining

A renewed interest in helping someone in need is the silver lining of COVID-19 and for charities giving food to the needy, it’s more important than ever.…

news   •   7-5-2020  •   Kylie Knight

Abbey Museum goes modern to engage history buffs

We’re not sure how real knights and serfs would go figuring out Facebook groups and Zoom meetings, but there’s certainly a lot to learn from the Middle Ages – including sustainability, craftwork, and the ability to overcome adversity.…

Local Stories   •   21-4-2020  •   Kylie Knight

Quilting queens to the rescue

They may be sewing in isolation but this army of quilting queens has answered the call to serve the community by crafting hundreds of laundry bags and scrub caps for frontline health workers in our hospitals.…

Local News   •   14-4-2020  •   Renee Gusa

Spread kindness – businesses encouraging you to pay it forward

During times of challenge and adversity, we often look outward to see how we can assist – whether it’s a monetary donation, volunteering time, or simply ‘showing up’.…