Pine Rivers Candidates: QLD State Election 2020

Posted: 3pm 14 Oct 2020

Moreton Daily invited candidates in the State Election to answer the same questions and provide a photo. Their responses are listed below in the same order their names will appear on the ballot paper. Some responses have been edited to ensure all are a similar length, and candidates receive fair and even treatment.

Name: Christopher Leech

Party: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

We have made attempts to reach Mr Leech, so he can provide a candidate profile. He has not yet responded.

Name: Tara Seiffert-Smith

Party: The Greens

Suburb: Joyner

Profession: Disability Support Worker/University Student (Bachelor of Laws)

Top 3 issues to address:

1. Climate Change and Global Warming

2. COVID-19 equitable recovery plan for Queensland

3. Return integrity and transparency to the political system by serving the best interest of all Queenslanders, not corporate donors.

Top 3 key commitments:

1. Build 100% publicly owned renewable energy by 2030 to cut electricity bills by up to 46%.

2. Enact the Greens COVID-19 Moreton Bay Recovery Plan by building 8,500 public homes, 8 community health clinics and 455MW of rooftop solar. This will provide 2,790 jobs to our local community.

3. Fully fund state schools by investing an extra $7 billion over four years to ensure no school fees, smaller class sizes and to cover the cost of excursions, textbooks and laptops. Establish a free school breakfast and lunch program in every state school in Queensland.

Name: Nikki Boyd

Party: Labor

Suburb: Bray Park

Profession: Assistant Minister for Health

Top 3 issues to address: jobs, infrastructure, health

Top 3 election commitments:

1. A new satellite hospital for Pine Rivers

2. Eatons Crossing Rd, Linkfield Rd overpass and Strathpine Rd overpass upgrades

3. Direct government investment supporting new local manufacturing

For over a decade Nikki has been a part of the Pine Rivers community. It is the lifestyle, diversity and opportunity of the Pine Rivers area that led her to decide to make her life here. Nikki has dedicated her working life to looking after others and fighting for a fair go for everyone in our society – particularly those who are forgotten about or marginalized.

Name: Bruce Vaschina

Party: completely INDEPENDENT

Suburb: Lawnton

Profession: Secondary school teacher (Years 10 – 12, Maths & Physics)

Top 3 issues to address:

1. Improvements to democracy – participation

2. A genuine and effective say

3. MP accountability via recall elections

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. Genuine listening to the electorate
  2. Putting the clear majority view of the electorate above my own in parliamentary votes
  3. Every day accountability (not just once in 4 years)

Name: Kara Thomas

Party: LNP

Suburb: Cashmere

Profession: Registered nurse

Top 3 issues to address:

  1. Job opportunity and security
  2. Tough on crime to provide safe communities
  3. Invest in our children's future.

Top 3 key commitments:

  1. Economic recovery
  2. Job creation
  3. Reduced cost of living

Name: Steve Austin

Party: Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party

We have made attempts to reach Mr Austin, so he can provide a candidate profile. He has not yet responded.

Name: Maureen Brohman

Party: Animal Justice Party

We have made attempts to reach Ms Brohman, so she can provide a candidate profile. She has not yet responded.

Name: Alissa Pattrick

Party: Informed Medical Opinions Party (IMOP)

We have made attempts to reach Ms Pattrick, so she can provide a candidate profile. She has not yet responded.



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