Discover Christmas in the Moreton Bay Region


Boating & Fishing   •   1-12-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Prawns

AS WE lead up to Christmas, a lot of our culinary focus turns to prawns and Moreton Bay produces some wonderfully tasty product. Wild-caught tiger prawns are always popular at Christmas time and Moreton Bay is a significant area of production for the trawlers that catch them.…

Boating & Fishing   •   17-11-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Queensland Groper

THERE has been much excitement in local recreational fishing circles this week by the capture (and safe release) of a Queensland groper in the Pine River.…

Boating & Fishing   •   3-11-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | White Shark

LET’S take a bit of a look at one of the giants of the ocean – the white shark. It’s not an animal that most anglers encounter. …

Boating & Fishing   •   20-10-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Dolphins

Dolphins (along with whales) belong to a group of animals called Cetaceans. They are descendants of hippopotamus-like animals. There are two species that are residents in the Moreton Bay Region – the Australian humpback dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. …

Boating & Fishing   •   6-10-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Garfish

GARFISH are another one of our underappreciated local angling species, but many a child has had oodles of fun watching them scoff bread and dance around when hooked.…

Boating & Fishing   •   22-9-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Pilchard Fish

IN THIS edition, let’s talk about the humble pilchard. It’s the mainstay for many a bait fisher in our region that can be used to target a range of species including tailor and snapper. …

Boating & Fishing   •   8-9-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Snapper

Snapper are one of the most iconic and best known Australian fish species. They are a member of the sparid family of fish which includes yellowfin bream and tarwhine.…

Boating & Fishing   •   25-8-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Blue Ringed Octopus

There are four species of blue ringed octopus in the world, with the most common species in Moreton Bay only growing to about 5cm in body length.…

Boating & Fishing   •   11-8-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Recreational fishing contributes to positive mental health

Recreational fishing contributes positively to personal wellbeing and mental health. Recreational fishing was highlighted by approximately 80 per cent of survey respondents identifying fishing as important or very important to their health and wellbeing.…

Boating & Fishing   •   28-7-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Impacts of COVID-19 on recreational fishing

ALL of our lives have been impacted by COVID-19. The various lockdowns and rules during lockdowns have affected all activities and this includes recreational fishing.…

Boating & Fishing   •   14-7-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Squid

Squid have a lot of heart. Three in fact. They have a systemic heart which pumps blood around the body and two hearts which pumps blood to each set of gills. Among the invertebrate animals, squid have the best developed nervous system.…

Boating & Fishing   •   30-6-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Tiger Squid

Squid fishing has always been popular in Moreton Bay but during the past decade, in particular, interest among recreational anglers in catching them has increased. This is the first of two articles where I introduce you to the secret life of squid……

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