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Local Stories   •   28-4-2022  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln: Post-flood fishing

As post-flood winter approaches, things are looking good for a cracker of an upcoming fishing season, according to our expert angler Tony Lincoln.…

Local News   •   22-4-2022  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza: All you need to know about Mahi Mahi

Mahi mahi or dolphin fish are prized table and sport fish for the offshore angler and one of the most colourful pelagic fish you will encounter. Our expert Dr Dazza reveals their secrets, so you can land one…

Local Stories   •   10-4-2022  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza: What you need to know about oysters

Oysters. They are more than just an entrée at the RSL! Dr Dazza takes a look at these amazing creatures and the vital role they play in our waterways. Their preservation means more fish for everyone.…

The Latest

Local News   •   31-3-2022  •   Kylie Knight

Calling young anglers for fishing competition

Young anglers will battle it out for fishing glory, bragging rights and a share of $2000 in prizes during the first-ever Moreton Youth Week Fishing Comp which starts this weekend. There’s still time to enter…

Local News   •   12-3-2022  •   Kylie Knight

Women and girls to set sail in regatta

The inaugural Women and Girls’ sailing regatta will be held on March 19 and 20 at Woody Point’s Humpybong Yacht Club. Here’s how to get involved …

Boating & Fishing   •   10-3-2022  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Identifying the Grass Sweetlip fish

Moreton Bay has a wonderfully diverse array of fish for the recreational angler to catch. There is just one problem with this for the average angler and this is correctly identifying them. Let’s start with the grass sweetlip or grassies as they are called and spangled emperor.…

Boating & Fishing   •   10-3-2022  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Fishing post flooding

The best advice I can give in the immediate aftermath of flooding is in the discoloured water to use baits with strong natural scent and oily or bloody content such as bonito, mullet, pilchards and bloodworms.…

Boating & Fishing   •   25-2-2022  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | The Little Things

Losing a good fish is a horrible feeling, compounded when we realise it was preventable if we'd only taken the time to double check our tackle. Read on to learn a few basics that regularly cause anglers to lose hooked fish and how to prevent these from happening. …

Boating & Fishing   •   25-2-2022  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Turtles

THERE are seven species of marine turtles in the world and six are known from Australian waters. Moreton Bay is a marine turtle hotspot with three species commonly using the Moreton Bay Region. …

Boating & Fishing   •   11-2-2022  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Advice for Beginners

During my interactions with beginners, I continually hear they've searched YouTube or social media and significant numbers of them are overwhelmed by the diversity and technicality of the advice being handed out via these sources. …

Boating & Fishing   •   11-2-2022  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza - Flathead

FLATHEAD are always a popular target for recreational fishers. Flathead belong to the family Platycephalidae and there are approximately 80 species known worldwide and well over half of these are known from Australia.…

Boating & Fishing   •   4-2-2022  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Bait Schools

One of the easiest ways to find bait schools is to look for the seabirds circling above and diving down to snatch up an unlucky baitfish. …

Boating & Fishing   •   4-2-2022  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Bribie breakthrough

OUR coastlines are always changing naturally, particularly near surf bars. It is part of what makes our coastline unique. …

Boating & Fishing   •   15-12-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Exploring the Peninsula

WITH holidays coming, and already here for some, I wanted to use the column this week to encourage you all to get out and about and explore the wonderful area we've got right on our doorstep.…

Boating & Fishing   •   15-12-2021  •   Dr Dazza

Ask Dr Dazza | Moreton Bay Bugs

ANOTHER of our favourite festive seafoods are bugs. Not the flying kind, but rather the Moreton Bay bug and the Balmain bug. These animals are more commonly called slipper lobsters in other parts of the world. …

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