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Local News   •   29-7-2022  •   Kylie Knight

Winger’s shot at Dolphins’ NRL

Another young Redcliffe Dolphins player will get a crack at fulfilling his dreams in the NRL. Here’s what we know…

Local News   •   27-7-2022  •   Kylie Knight

Dolphins team up with UniSC

As the Dolphins take their place in the NRL next year, the Moreton Bay Region’s own university campus will be front and centre in a partnership combining education and sport. Here’s the details…

Local News   •   22-7-2022  •   Kylie Knight

“This is next level. It’s awesome”

The Dolphins’ announcement this week that former junior Cody Hunter has been signed on a train and trial contract fulfills a promise to develop young players within the club. We chat to the 20-year-old about what it means to him and how he’ll make the most of the opportunity …

Local News   •   21-7-2022  •   Kylie Knight

Milford to reunite with Bennett

Anthony Milford will come home to be part of the Dolphins’ foundation NRL team. Here’s the details…

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