Barbers Are Back and So Are ‘80s Hairstyles

Posted: 10am 02 Jul 2018

WE ARE one Top Gun movie remake away from flat-tops making a bold return, according to one of the coolest men in the barber business, Scott Selwood.

The owner of Scotty Barberino’s at Samford says barbers weren’t cool when he started out in 1991 but plenty has changed since then.

“They’re now popping up everywhere like tattoo shops and coffee shops,” he says.

It seems barbers are back as fellas relish the chance to look and feel better.

“All the guys are going to barbers. They know barbers can do more than one style now,” he laughs.

Scott worked for 12 years at Brookside Shopping Centre institution, Aldo’s Barbershop, before opening his own barber shop at Samford in 2007.

Even since then, he’s noticed a change in expectations and styles.

Customers, including primary school children, are now coming in with photos to show the style they’re after.

“Guys are getting fussier, but if they know what they want that’s easier,” he says.

“The shorter the better ... a lot of fades ... short back and sides,” he says.

And be afraid, some 80s hairstyles have already made a return, like the undercut.

“Hopefully not the rat’s tail,” he laughs.

“All it will take is another Top Gun movie and flat-tops will be back. It’s got to happen.”

Scott struggles to explain the resurgence in beards, but he’s happy to make them look truly glorious. “Sometimes I can spend just as long on a beard as a haircut just to get the shape right,” he explains.

For many customers, the experience of going to the barber and taking in Scott’s memorabilia collection, watching footy on TV and enjoying the music is just as important as the haircut.

So what’s been the strangest request? “I had a guy ask for a checkerboard with tracks on his head. It looked all right. I’m glad I haven’t done it again. It took forever.”

Scotty Barberino’s – Samford’s Finest Barber Shop

Address: 6/37 Main St, Samford Village

Phone: 3289 2468



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