Cars, parking top reports in app wrap

Published 6:00am 13 February 2023

Cars, parking top reports in app wrap
Words by Nick Crockford

Illegal parking and abandoned cars were the biggest issues in Moreton Bay region last year, according to the Snap Send Solve community-reporting app.

The app’s 2022 wrap shows residents' concerns over ‘Parking and Cars’, which included double parking, had many reaching for their iPhones

Roads and Signage (such as fallen signs, potholes, graffitied lanes) were second, with Parks and Rubbish (including broken swings, dumped rubbish) third.

Hazardous cracks and uneven ground were among the Pavement and Footpath issues which came in fourth. Graffiti and Vandalism was fifth.

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Request app, similar to Snap Send Solve, showed in the 2021-22 financial year, road potholes were the most reported issue.

Missed waste bin collections were second and graffiti on buildings was third.

Cars, parking top reports in app wrap

Year-on-year, the biggest rise in Snap Send Solve reports by Moreton Bay residents was over Roads and Signage, leaping 117.85 per cent.

Issues with Pavements and Footpaths shot up 84.45 per cent, Parking and Cars 56.69 per cent.

Figures show Snap Send Solve had a 46.56 per cent increase in reports from the Moreton Bay Region in 2022 and 42.15 per cent rise in submitted pictures.

The community reporting app says 58.65 per cent of issues reported were solved.

Founder and CEO Danny Gorog said the rise in reports, across Australia and New Zealand, shows people are taking “action for positive change”.

Snap Send Solve recorded 888,909 reports across both nations in 2022 with Rubbish and Bins, Roads and Signage, Parking and Cars the top three issues.

Cars, parking top reports in app wrap

In Queensland more than 81,000 Snap Send Solve were lodged last year.

The top five concerns in this state were, in order, Parking and Cars, Roads and Signage, Parks and Council facilities, Pavements and Footpaths, Rubbish and Bins.

The biggest year-on-year growth in Queensland was issues with Public Transport up 280 per cent, Water and Sewer up 96.40 per cent, Roads and Signage up 78 per cent, Pit and Equipment up 65.40 per cent and Power up 62.60 per cent.

Snap Send Solve was launched after Danny Gorog visited a playground with his son, only to find the swing was broken and no easy way to contact the right people.

The app has since received 2.9 million reports, had 700,000 downloads, more than 350,000 happy snappers and an app store score of 4.7.

Snap Send Solve is available via the App Store or Google Play. To find out more about Snap Send Solve click here 


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