Cash boost for Little Athletics clubs

Published 7:00am 23 October 2022

Cash boost for Little Athletics clubs
Words by Nick Crockford

Coles has thrown its support behind two of the region’s Little Athletics clubs – at Arana Hills and Caboolture.

Arana Little Athletics centre as secured a $3000 grant from the Coles Little Athletics Community Fund, to buy new equipment.

Caboolture has $1400 the help the centre re-build after being devastated by the floods in February.

Coles, its banana growers and customers raised the cash at the first Coles Little Athletics Banana A-Peel, donating 10 cents from every kilo of Cavendish bananas sold in Coles supermarkets.

Caboolture Little Athletics Centre Manager Michelle White said: “In February, our grounds were completely under water to a depth of over two metres in some parts,

Cash boost for Little Athletics clubs

“Three of our four equipment sheds and canteen had water to the ceiling, destroying all the equipment we had in there.

“This grant will enable us to replace the starting pistols with an electronic starting device which can be integrated with our timing gates.”

Arana Little Athletics Centre Manager Tony Bryant said the centre would buy a new PA system to help its weekly program run.

“With this grant we’ll buy a portable PA system that will not only assist in getting messages across at the beginning of the night but double up as our speaker system for starting events.

“This will assist our volunteers to help run an efficient evening to support all our athletes and not have too many late evenings.”

Cash boost for Little Athletics clubs

Coles State General Manager Jerry Farrell said Coles had provided close to $50,000 in sports equipment grants to Queensland’s Little Athletics centres ahead of this season.

“We’re particularly delighted to help centres that were affected by the floods earlier this year so that they can replace some of their equipment,” he said.

“We know the devastating impact these floods had on clubs and communities, and we hope these grants will help them to recover and look forward to a new Little Athletics season.”

Since the Fund was established just four years ago, Little Athletics Queensland centres have shared more than $415,000 raised and donated by Coles, its banana growers and customers.

Cash boost for Little Athletics clubs


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