Ian's driving off to retirement

Published 1:00pm 27 June 2024

Ian's driving off to retirement
Words by Kylie Knight

Few people remain with the same company for 33 years, but Ian Moroney has done just that and has no regrets as he passes the baton on to the next generation.

The Village Motors salesman and stalwart is retiring on June 29, closing the book on a career he’s cherished but starting am exciting new chapter with time to enjoy his grandchildren.

“At the moment, I just want to spend time with my family,” Ian says.

“It is time to have time for me.”

When Ian started selling cars at Village Motors in 1991, customers could buy a new Nissan Pulsar for about $3000.

Much has changed since then but the 71-year-old’s authentic and approachable style has not diminished.

It is a style that not only made him Village Motors’ No.1 salesperson for many years, but also bought customers back time and time again.

Ian had worked in retail, real estate and another car dealership before he joined the Village Motors family.

He says he was always a “good talker” and once he started selling cars, he knew it was the career for him.

“I love selling cars and because it is privately owned, this dealership, it’s got a good vibe. It’s been very good,” Ian says.

“Marlene Newcombe has been wonderful to me. I can’t thank her enough. The management, Shane Olsen, he’s been a backbone for me.

“I’ve met a lot of friends. Why go anywhere else? That’s the trouble with salespeople, they chop and change … go somewhere else and they’re never happy.”

He’s relished working with customers, helping them find the right car for them.

“I think I’ve enjoyed the interaction with people and communication the most. You get out there with people and talk to them,” he says.

“I’ve enjoyed every part of it.”

In Ian’s view, good communication, asking the right questions and being flexible are key to success in sales.

So, what has been his favourite car of the past three decades?

“People ask you that and you try to think, what’s my favourite car? I probably have a few … Commodores were one of my favourites,” he says.

Ian’s loyalty and contribution to Village Motors, for so many years, is now a benchmark for others to strive for.


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