Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

Published 5:00am 21 February 2023

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Words by Jodie Powell

We're a month into the 2023 school year, with students across the Moreton Bay Region settling into their routines and school captains hitting their stride.

We take a look at the student leaders providing inspiration for their peers.

Mango Hill State School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Mango Hill State School captains Wontaa Derbile and Sohum Sharma and vice-captains Aayan Umar and Holly Morrell.

Wontaa hopes to strengthen a culture of respect across her school community, while Holly wants to encourage people to listen and to consider other perspectives.

Sohum is keen to to help everyone feel welcome and included and a part of 'Team Mango' and Aayan wants to influence a culture of kindness across the community.

St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School, Mango Hill

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
St Benedicts Catholic Primary School Mango Hill captains Caiden McGill and Zara Zoghbi.

Caiden McGill wants to be a leader who younger students will come to and discuss whatever they feel is important.

Fellow St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School captain Zara hopes to be a leader who supports others so they feel comfortable to discuss whatever they need.

St Benedict’s College, Mango Hill

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
St Benedicts College Mango Hill school captains Cecille Miranda, Bella Raynbird, Oscar Mou, Lauren Bull, Tadhg Leslie, Ronauld Vaipuna, Ashleigh Sinden, Michelle Mabena, Manjot Chhimba, Clark Andales, Paola Arquinez. Absent: Alistair Bell.

Ronauld and Cecille say the St Benedict’s team is deeply honoured to be College leaders for 2023.

“As college leaders of St Benedict’s, we plan to inspire younger students in our community and actively support each one of them to be their own keys to their own doors, whatever it may be,” the say.

“By working together with our fellow leaders, teachers, and senior year cohort we can bring our college community together in harmony and build each other up in our friendships and connections.”

Cecille and Ronauld hope to inspire their love for learning and compassion in their peers so that together, they can enjoy their college experience.

“It is our goal to ensure that our community is based on compassion, where the students can encourage each other to continue to grow and work towards their goals.

“By our example, we want to encourage our peers to compassionately act in service of others and especially themselves, to find balance in their schoolwork and life priorities and work together as a community, cultivating and respecting our SBC culture.

“This year we will continue to build and nurture our beautiful garden so that our students and future leaders can plant their seeds and like saplings constantly reach greater heights and strive to be the best version of themselves.

“We would like to see throughout the year, SBC students upholding and promoting the traditions of the College, even at the expense of popularity.

“We will strive every day, reflecting and living out the Benedictine values of service, balance, and community, to build a group of young servants, that act with utmost respect and dignity, in and outside of school.

“We will work together to assist each member of our beloved College community to craft their own keys and unlock their door, just as Jesus said, ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.’ (Matthew 7:7).”

St Columban’s College, Caboolture

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
St Columban's College vice-captain Olivia Padley.

St Columban’s College captains Gabrielle Kyllonen-Moefaauo and Lochie Mentiplay and vice-captains Olivia Padley and Bailey Atkins say their school was successful in reimagining education during challenging global times.

“As your College Captains and College Vice-Captains for 2023 we hope to continue this triumph of reimagined education and pursue our leadership journey throughout the next 12 months.”

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

St Columban’s College captain Gabrielle Kyllonen-Moefaauo.

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

St Columban’s College captain Lochie Mentiplay.

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

St Columban’s College vice-captain Bailey Atkins.

Burpengary State School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

Captains Bella, Mason, Luke and Alison are ready to lead all Burpengary State School students, from the fresh-faced Preps to the Year Sixes, throughout 2023.

Grace Lutheran College, Caboolture

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Grace Lutheran College Caboolture senior school captains Felicity Klinge and Lachlan Scudamore

What traits are most important to leadership and why?

“I think being someone who is real and vulnerable is really important – showing people that it’s ok not to always have it all together, we are always learning, I want to show people what that’s like.”

“I think it’s really important to be a servant to people, to give your time freely and try to be there for them, ensuring that they are ok and if they are not, helping them in any way you can, and stepping up to change.”

How would you like to be remembered?

“I would like to be remembered as someone really approachable, as a friendly face around the school. Leaving a legacy isn’t necessarily about what you do, but how you made people feel.”

“I want to be a leader who is remembered as someone who was approachable. Everyone’s experiences are different and everyone interprets situations differently, so as a leader I feel like you need to be the person who makes a difference to those individuals and listens to their individual needs.”

What are you planning on doing after school?

“Secondary education and teaching modern history, otherwise I could go with a completely different direction and do a bachelor of criminology and do forensics.”

“For so long I think I thought I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to be an anaesthetic nurse but now it’s drifted and I think I want to go to uni and do a degree in management and have that under my belt. Then I’m also (interested in) the police. I do feel like if I don’t do something that helps people, where I give back to the community, then I won’t be fulfilled.”

What inspires you?

“I think seeing all the captains since I have started at Grace, I remember meeting the girls’ school captain my first day of Year 7, she sat down and had a chat with us and she was so funny and welcoming and it was like she really wanted to be there and be there talking to us. I want to help people have the same amazing experience that I have had.”

“I’m inspired to give back to the school and the students. Throughout the years, the captains have always made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. They helped me to feel safer and less nervous. These captains inspired me to make an impact on other student’s lives at the school.”

Elimbah State School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

Elimbah State School vice-captain Benji, school captain Zac, school captain Amelia and vice-captain Jemma.

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Elimbah State School Sports House Leaders:  Bandy Bandy vice-captain Denver, captain Jai, captain Rani and vice-captain Isabella. Banksia captain Phoebe, captain Braxton and vice-captain Isaac. Brolga captain Mason, captain Alexis, vice-captain Eliza and vice-captain Owen.

Zac hopes to lead the school to success and is looking forward to helping everyone feel comfortable at Elimbah State School.

Amelia wants to be a friendly face for all and help everyone to feel welcome at Elimbah.

Benji hopes to help everyone feel included in all aspects of school at Elimbah.

Jemma is looking forward to making the school a better place by assisting staff and students.

Narangba Valley State School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Narangba Valley State School band captain Sofia, strings captain Emily, vice-captain Macy, school captain Flynn, vice-captain Arne, vice-captain Sophie, school captain Nayli and band captain Ellia.

Narangba Valley State School captains are growing a kindness culture for the community.

As leaders this year, they know there is something everyone can do to spread kindness.

“Since being back at school we’re all glad to be making new friends in our class, having a morning welcome circle and getting back into our learning routines,” they say.

“We’ve been able to buddy up with friends in class to feel happy to start the day at school.”

Our top tips to Be Kind in 2023

  • Smile
  • Include everyone
  • Speak kindly
  • Encourage and help others
  • Inspire others to keep going and don’t give up
  • Showing respect to each other
  • Ask someone sitting by themselves come play
  • Using your manners
  • Being polite to teaches
  • Following instructions
  • Help each feel safe by respecting different ideas and including each other
  • Look after each others’ things
  • looking after the school by picking up rubbish

Eatons Hill State School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Eatons Hill State School captains Brianna Leong and Tyezn Saccu and vice-captains Whilla Hammond and Drew Fraser.

Eatons Hill State School’s leaders say that in 2023 their goals are to lead the school with confidence, set a positive tone and be great role models for all students.

“We plan to work very hard every single day to achieve these goals which we believe will encourage others to do the same,” they say.

“We can't wait make this year a memorable one for all students and staff.”

Albany Creek State High School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Albany Creek State High School senior school Captains Joshua Lin, Seth de Jong, Alisha Badenhorst and Margot Dawson.

Senior captain Joshua Lin was motivated by wanting to do something he wouldn’t have had the courage to do in the past.

“I want to take the first step to learn the ways of teamwork and leadership (and) I want the school to be a place that everyone can enjoy.”

In his role as junior captain, Kyan Lloyd wants to be the voice of the people and contribute to creating projects and the overall improvement of the school, as well as having lots of fun along the way.

Senior captain Alisha Badenhorst says being school captain opens many great opportunities to meet new people with different experiences to learn and grow from.

“Leadership is a journey that teaches us not only about others but also more about the person we want to be,” Alisha says.

“I want to encourage students to be kind to one another and to participate in all opportunities presented to them.

“Life is about taking risks and having fun, and school is a place where we can do exactly that with our friends.”

Fellow senior captain Seth de Jong says: “I wanted to become school captain at Albany Creek State High to redefine what it means to be a student – to recognise that is not so much the destination but the journey that matters”.

“As School Captain I want to inspire unity in school and community and to help students realise that education is meaningful in their life.”

Junior captain James John is looking forward to helping his peers be more involved in school activities and helping bridge any gaps between the students and the staff.

“My vision as a leader is to get everyone involved. I strongly believe that no matter who you are, your strengths will help someone,” James says.

Margot Dawson wanted to become school captain to be able to spread awareness about key issues for young people and help create change in her community.

“I want to achieve many things as a school captain, but the most important achievement would be to have success in encouraging voice and involving students to create change within their community,” she says.

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Albany Creek State High School junior captains Vienna Wiebe, Vanessa Infanti, Kyan Lloyd and James John.

Junior captain Vienna Wiebe says she wants to foster active student involvement, whether it be at school carnivals or in day-to-day classes.

“I want to improve student positivity and create a safe environment for everyone,” she says.

Vanessa Infanti says she wanted to be a junior captain because she hoped to improve her communication and organisational skills, as well as her flexibility and time management.

“I also wanted to become captain to help others around me and to let them know I will always be there for them,” Vanessa says.

Kurwongbah State School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

Kurwongbah State School captains Estella Farley and Yahirah Stowers are looking forward to stepping up to their leadership roles this year.

They will lead a variety of projects through the school aimed at enhancing student wellbeing.

Bray Park State High School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Bray Park State High School captains Thomas Coady and Sarah Hanson, Student Council president Rachel Browning, and school captains Lorieal Villar and Lachlan Coady.

The Bray Park State High School team says it is a great honour to be student leaders in 2023.

“We look forward to participating and leading many rewarding and fun school events this year.

“Our roles will see us representing the school with pride to make stronger connections with industry and community to benefit the school this year and in the future.”

The leaders will also focus on building a sense of belonging among all students, particularly for the new Year sevens.

“We will grow as a leadership team and as individuals as we live our BPSHS school motto, ‘Challenge the Unknown’.

Grace Lutheran College Rothwell  

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Grace Lutheran College Rothwell captains Claudia Braid, Abby Patterson, Daniil Chechurov and Connor Green.

Abby Patterson says she was inspired to become school captain because it would give her the opportunity to encourage other students in the Grace community to initiate change.

“Whether it be big or small contributions to expand the Grace culture and allow it to become a place of growth and a place for students to express their individuality without the fear of judgement,” she says.

Claudia Braid believes there are many traits that are important to leadership in general, such as confidence, teamwork and an optimistic approach to the challenging aspects of being a leader.

“I wish to focus on being a leader that is especially dedicated to fostering kindness, compassion and community within Grace,” Claudia says.

Connor Green believes being kind and understanding are most important in leadership because a kind leader is a good leader.

Daniil Chechurov is looking forward to leading assemblies and organising events with diligence and excellency.

“Aside from that I want to serve the students and staff of our cohort and wider school community, exceeding the role description and going above and beyond what is required, for their needs and comfort.”

Redcliffe Special School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

Ella Modica and Joshua Way are the Redcliffe Special School captains for 2023.

Their goal for the year is to model and support others to follow the school’s Positive Behaviour for Learning values of Respect, Safety and Success by following the RSS Way, every day.

Scarborough State School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

Liam Baldwin, Kody Martin, Olivia Worsfold and Johnathan Ellis will lead the students at Scarborough State School this year.

Liam says he is most looking forward to working with other students and making the school a better place.

“I am hoping to get the sports shed running smoothly,” he says.

“It allows students to borrow equipment during their breaks.

“I am looking forward to being a voice for the other students - if they hear any problems, I’d like to help them in any way possible.”

Kody is keen to implement new activities that will encourage more involvement for learning in a fun way.

“I am most looking forward to being a great role model and working with the other student leaders and staff to achieve our goals for 2023.”

Olivia has vowed to work with the other student leaders at Scarborough State School to make sure everyone feels involved and included.

“I am looking forward to representing the school I love, being involved in school events and being a role model to other students.”

Johnathan hopes to achieve trust from his peers and develop his leadership skills.

“I am looking forward to participating in special events and leading the whole of school assembly each week,” he says.

Redcliffe State High School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Redcliffe State High School's inaugural First Nations leaders Sienna Coon, Marnie Major and Dakota Fishlock..
Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Redcliffe State High School junior leaders Prilia Van Schalkwyk, Sophie Mason, Montrel Tumanuvao, Nazalia Afoa and Tymia Iafeta.
Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Music captain Katie Brooks.
Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Redcliffe State High School Senior Student Executive. Back row: Grounds Improvement prefect Taj Howden, senior vice-captain Ruby Civoniceva, Interact Representative prefect Alexander Zillmann and school captain Demetrious Nabong. Front row: First Nations leader Sienna Coon, senior captain Mackenzie Glen, senior vice-captain Charlie Hunter, senior captain Jennifer Chubarova, First Nations leader Dakota Fishlock, and First Nations leader Marnie Major.
Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023
Redcliffe State High School Sport and House Captains: House captains Kianna Maclean, Tayliah Winters, Grace Filipo, Keleisha Bowering, Jazmin Macdonald and Iona Hearsum and sport captain Emmisyn Wynyard. Absent: House captain Reece Chalmers.

The Redcliffe State High School leaders say they hope to encourage their peers to fulfill our school motto,’ faire sans dire’, meaning deeds without words, to the best of their ability.

This is the first year the Redcliffe State High School have had First Nations leadership roles.

The First Nations leaders say: “We would like to be a voice for the First Nations students at our school and show pride in our rich culture and history”.

Kippa-Ring State School

Meet Moreton Bay Region's student leaders for 2023

Amber and Harper are the school captains for Kippa-Ring State School for 2023.

They are excited to lead the school into 2023 and look forward to making a difference for staff, students and the community.

Both girls have been students at the school since Prep and are hoping to make the school an engaging place for students to play and learn.


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