Veteran's remarkable drive with track toys

Published 5:00pm 16 May 2024

Veteran's remarkable drive with track toys
Words by Nick Crockford

Pictured: Ian Moore at Moore's Track Toys, which gives all its profits to Young Veterans.

Ian Moore, who was “lost” after a medical discharge from the air force, has found meaning in motorbikes and using his not-for-profit business to help others.

When the Caboolture veteran left the Royal Australia Air Force he “had nothing and no idea what to do”. “I needed a purpose,” he says.

“I was following my wife Emily around like a lost puppy. Mowing the yard to within an inch of its life.”

Ian started Moore Track Toys which gives all its profits to Young Veterans - a charity connecting veterans through activities and social events.

He works closely with the Sunshine Coast branch and Young Veterans Motorsport, sponsoring the recent Ride 4 Vets which had hundreds of entries.

Moore Track Toys has become the “purpose and focus” Ian was looking for. 

Being a motorcycle blogger, he knew companies, suppliers, mechanics and specialists. All jumped on board, especially when told profits were going to the RSL.

Two years on, Moore Track Toys has built and sold 56 track and race bikes shipping to every state and territory in Australia (Tasmania and Melbourne top the list).

Veteran's remarkable drive with track toys
Ian Moore, left, with wife Emily and mechanics Scott and Alex

It employs mechanics Scott and Alex, supports juniors with crash repairs and decal schemes at cost and plans to run basic servicing workshops for riders.

Parts are carefully sourced and many suppliers price to support the not-for-profit goals of Moore Track Toys.

They include Podium Motorcycle Developments, in Caboolture, which gives a half-price suspension and ergonomic set-up for each bike sold.

Ian’s wife Emily also works alongside running HAWTT Decals and is booked out for weeks at a time.

However, Moore Track Toys is “first and foremost” a mental health outlet for Ian, who also helps others going through similar experiences.

“I know how difficult it was to leave the (armed) forces,” he explains, “it’s all you know. You live and breathe it.

“You go from having a purpose, wearing a uniform, (as a Military Working Dog Handler) I had my dog … to absolutely nothing.

“It was a very difficult phase which took me to a lot of dark places. That was really scary. I reached a point in my life I never thought possible.”

There were many questions. Do I get a part time job? Do I work in a café? How can I be personable? How can I talk to people? How can I keep a level of interaction?

Thankfully, Ian is motived and driven. “If something has to be done, I will do it. If I cannot, I will research harder,” he says.

“If there is something between me and where I have to be, I feel sorry for whatever that thing is. I want the best out of me and the team.”

Now 38, Ian has been riding motorbikes for 17 years. It started with a pillion ride on a friend’s bike in Darwin. “The bug bit and I was hooked,” he says.

Ian went online that afternoon to buy a bike. His bank loan came through the next day and the first of 30 bikes which followed, was his.

After leaving the RAAF with physical ailments and PTSD Ian’s love of track bikes led to meeting Emily, a fourth-generation rider. They married in 2021.

Ian was working as a Liquor and Gaming Licencing Officer but stopped after getting a DVA Gold Card and Class A pension.

Veteran's remarkable drive with track toys
Scott and Alex checking out a motorbike at Moore Track Toys

Though not a mechanic, he had learned about bikes. A mate then asked him to put together a track bike and was “absolutely blown away” by the finished product.

Word spread. Ian was asked to build another track bike, then another and in May 2022 Moore Track Toys was born.

“I thought we’d do three or five bikes a year and help a few riders. The first 12 months we did 30!” he says.

“But I didn’t want to build bikes, sell them and give half to tax. That’s crazy. That’s when I thought of (donating to) the RSL. It was a spur of the moment thing.

“The RSL helped me with my transition and didn’t do anything wrong, but recently we wanted to feel more of a connection with helping veterans.

“I put a post in an ADF support group and Young Veterans was suggested. It was the best fit. They were really keen to understand us and have a dirt racing team.”

Ian can be contacted on 0422 784210.

Veteran's remarkable drive with track toys
Emily Moore who runs HAWTT Decals.

Moore Track Toys is indebted to its suppliers and supporters:

HAWTT Decals

Podium Motorcycle Developments

Northside Pay N Spray

AMX Superstores Morayfield Qld

SC-Project Oceania

Ascari Works

Stitch Smith

John Stamnas Pty Ltd

Trackpro Pty Ltd


MotoTrack Accessories

GoMoto Store

Superbike Supply

Ride Dynamics


MetalGear International PTY LTD

Pro-Fiber Racing Solution


Yard Empire

Suspensions R Us

HealTech Electronics Ltd.

Flying Solo Gear Co.

Ironhorse Motorsports

Motothing (racetrack photographer)


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