Who’s Who in 2022, Community: Jay Peters

Published 3:15am 7 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Community: Jay Peters
Words by Moreton Daily

Jay Peters is so dedicated to helping people feel safe in the community that he stepped into a new role with Neighbourhood Watch Queensland two years after founding the Newport Waterside group.

In early 2022, Jay was selected to be the representative for Moreton Bay Neighbourhood Watch on the Community Advisory Committee for Neighbourhood Watch Queensland.

“With the new role, I will be assisting and developing other Neighbourhood Watch groups, not just in our region, but across Queensland, so they can put in better systems and practices that we have been doing, which has been quite successful,” Jay told Moreton Daily in April.

“We will be helping some of the groups get up to the levels that we are operating at, because we have been quite successful in deterring crime and catching offenders.

“We need the groups to be at the next level, at a higher policing level, to ensure what is filtered back down to the other groups is accurate and current, which I think is the most important thing.

“Neighbourhood Watch has been around for many years, and we must try and get it up to modern day forms of communication to be able to deliver a good service to the community. The platforms we use need to be done properly and consistently.

“We have to ensure the safety and crime preventative messages from the Queensland Police are being shared with everyone, no matter if you are 20 or 80 years old.”

About Jay Peters

Jay Peters is a real estate agent, part of the Volunteers in Policing program at Redcliffe Police Station and the founder of the Newport Waterside Neighbourhood Watch Group.

“I founded the Newport Waterside Neighbourhood Watch Group two years ago during COVID-19 because we had a lot of property theft occurring in our estate,” he said.

“Newport Waterside is a Stockland Estate - it is a new division that was only built some years ago, so there was a lot of opportunistic crime that was happening.

“We developed a program with assistance from the Crime Prevention Unit to implement and formalise the Neighbourhood Watch Group.

“We have a closed Facebook page, so the information we are putting out is very beneficial to the community but also a hinderance to those that are trying to create crime in our area. This page has been very successful.

“We have been involved in a few arrests due to the fact we have a close connection with the Redcliffe Police, with them giving us the opportunity to work with the detectives when it comes to different crimes that are occurring during the year.”


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