Who’s Who in 2022, Music & Arts: Henzell Street Quilters

Published 3:00am 20 December 2022

Who’s Who in 2022, Music & Arts: Henzell Street Quilters
Words by Moreton Daily

Thousands of art and craft enthusiasts descended on the Redcliffe Showgrounds in May to see the amazing pieces that were on display from members of the Henzell Street Quilters, which was part of their bi-annual Quilt Show.

Not only do the group’s 90-odd members make items for judging, but they are also a valuable asset to the community by making quilts, bags and other necessary items for a number of charities and organisations that help people in need.

About Henzell Street Quilters

The Henzell Street Quilters has been an active and vibrant group on the Redcliffe peninsula since it was founded by six avid quilters on March 27, 1984.

The name reflects the group’s original meeting place – the Education Centre at Henzell St, Redcliffe.

Today, the group meets at the Presbyterian Church Hall in Margate and is happy to keep the name that so many people are familiar with.

The group has continued to grow, and today has more than 90 members from across the Moreton Bay Region.

The group is a safe and fun space where people of all ages can get together and let their creativity flow, while also making deep and meaningful connections and friendships to help reduce social isolation among older people.

This year, members proudly displayed a number of their handicrafts at their Quilt Show, which was held at the Redcliffe Showgrounds from May 27-29.

The event attracted thousands of craft enthusiasts not only from the Moreton Bay Region, but also the surrounding cities and regions - all of whom were keen to see the award-winning creations of this bi-annual event.

Not only do the members make items for themselves and for judging, but they are also passionate about giving back to their community.

One way they do this is to make quilts, bags and other knitted and crocheted items for a broad range of charities and organisations that help people in need.

Some of the charities and organisations that benefit from their generosity include Beaumont House, Hummingbird House, Redcliffe Hospital, Jebb House, Chameleon House, Ronald McDonald House, Bush Children’s Home, women’s refuges and Peninsula Aged Care.

The group hosts two weekly meetings – one on Monday from 9am-noon, and the other on Tuesday from 6pm– which allows members with other commitments to attend one meeting or another.

The group also hosts workshops where people can head along and learn a variety of new skills.

The group is always looking to meet new like-minded people, and encourage those who are interested in joining to email [email protected]


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