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Boating & Fishing   •   1-12-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Fishing after heavy rain

Heavy rainfall flushes bait from the safety of rivers and creeks, pushing it out into open water where it becomes easy prey for predators seeking a meal.…

Boating & Fishing   •   17-11-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | How to use Burley

N this edition, we’ll follow on from my last column and cover how to use burley. Burley can be introduced to the water in many ways, the easiest and cleanest of which is by a burley pot or bag.…

Boating & Fishing   •   3-11-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Fishing with burley

In this edition, we’ll cover fishing with burley. For the uninitiated, burley is a substance or scent added to the water to attract fish, and establishing and maintaining a burley trail in the current is a fantastic way to bring the fish to a bait presented in this same trail.…

Boating & Fishing   •   20-10-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Prospecting and exploring

While we usually try different areas of a new location we visit, we can tend to be creatures of habit when fishing somewhere we regularly go and as a result, may be missing opportunities at fish. …

Boating & Fishing   •   6-10-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Pelagics

AS WE come into a change of season from winter to summer, we're starting to see the arrival of more solid numbers of pelagics such as mackerel, several species of trevally, queenfish etc and as the weather continues to heat up we'll hopefully see cobia in numbers similar to last season...…

Boating & Fishing   •   22-9-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Final points on lure fishing

WHILE we've discussed the main types of lures, there are still more sub-categories and hybrids within those we've briefly examined. Hopefully the main recurring point has been recognised. Experimentation is the key to consistently successful lure fishing.…

Boating & Fishing   •   8-9-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Soft plastic lures

SOFT plastics are a soft lure body attached to a weighted jig head with a hook, or an unweighted hook. They are available in a huge range of colours, designs, weights and sizes, and compared to metals and hardbodies, are one of the most versatile lures available due to their ability to be fished at a huge range of speeds, depths and using a myriad of techniques.…

Boating & Fishing   •   25-8-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Lures

As a general rule, freshwater lures display a slower action while saltwater models exhibit a tighter, faster, shimmying action.…

Boating & Fishing   •   11-8-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Hardbody lures

This week Tony Lincoln dives into an outline of basic surface hardbody lures. …

Boating & Fishing   •   28-7-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Categories of Lures

Broadly grouped, there are three main categories of lures, hardbodies, soft plastics and metals, with each having sub-categories in them.…

Boating & Fishing   •   15-7-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Lure colours and patterns

Lure colours and patterns can be broadly segregated into three categories, brights, naturals and darks, with each one having their place. …

Boating & Fishing   •   30-6-2021  •   Tony Lincoln

Fishing with Tony Lincoln | Lure Fishing to improve catch rates

I REGULARLY field questions from people looking to start fishing with lures and those who have tried lures but struggle with success. So, in the next few editions I'll try and cover some basic tips and techniques to improve catch rates.…

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