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Bribie Island National Park

About Bribie Island National Park

The national park of Bribie Island is an oasis just waiting to be explored. This stunning protected state forest has so much to share, from 4WD inland tracks and off-road beachfront opportunities, to beautiful camping spots and fantastic fishing - once you start exploring, you'll wonder why you haven't spent more time enjoying this island gem before!

It's important to note that domestic animals are not permitted within the National Park, so please leave your pets at home.

4WD Adventures

Bribie Island National Park provides a great day for 4WD enthusiasts. You can either drive the 'loop' to experience the bush and beach, or just stick to the sands along the shore for off-road adventure.

Bush Access Track

Access to the inland bush track of the National Park is off the White Patch Esplanade on the Pumicestone Passage side of the island. The track can become very rough depending on environmental conditions, with areas of super soft sand or mud to be wary of. Before you embark on your inland drive, please check the Queensland National Parks website for any track closures.

The drive, consisting of a combination of bushland and pine tree rejuvenation plantations, is very scenic. The inland track offers access to the camping areas of Gallagher Point and Poverty Creek, ideal spots for a picnic lunch or morning tea. Lighthouse Reach is also a lovely place to pull over and take a dip located at the far northern end of the inland route.

The Northern Access Track at the far end takes you straight out onto the Bribie Ocean Beach where your beach driving experience can commence!

Bribie Ocean 4WD Tracks

There is no doubt that beach driving is an enjoyable experience, but it is one that novice four-wheel drivers should not attempt.

If you are a newbie to sand driving, then you are encouraged to tag along with a party or join a group tour on your first trip to learn the ropes from someone with beach driving experience.

Not only can inexperience contribute to the loss of property, but it can also result in the loss of life in severe situations.

You need to be aware of tidal times as well. It is not advised to drive at high tide because it can be very risky. Before reaching the sand, be sure to check tidal times and drive with caution on the beach - road rules DO APPLY!

Northern Access

Be sure to look left as you drive out onto the beach from the Northern Access Track, as this is the site of the island's World War 2 military fortification ruins, known as Fort Bribie. Be sure to visit and discover this significant monument to the modern history of the island.

Driving further north from Fort Bribie is possible before you reach the 'no access signs'.

Heading South

Most of your Bribie Ocean driving exploration will be south of the Northern Access Track heading back towards Woorim Beach.

On the island side you will drive past:

  • Ocean Beach camping areas of which there are 64 designated camping spots. Bookings are via the Queensland National Parks website.
  • Welsby Lagoon
  • Mermaid Lagoon
  • Norfolk Creek
  • Freshwater Creek

The Lagoons and creeks are popular spots to stop for kayaking and water fun.

It is important to remember that the entrance and exit to the beach at the end of Woorim Beach can be difficult and it is not uncommon to see someone being winched from the sand.

Be sure to always drive with '4WD' switched on and reduced tyre pressure.

Camping in Bribie Island National Park

For those that love to get back to nature with a bout of camping, Bribie Island National Parks offers lots of options.

Pumicestone Passage and beach camping 4WD access only:

  • Ocean Beach
  • Gallagher Point
  • Poverty Creek

Pumicestone Passage camping boat or kayak access only:

  • Lime Pocket
  • Mission Point

Make sure you get your Camping and Beach Driving Permits

Before you head off for your Bribie Island 4WD adventure, make sure you have purchased your Moreton Bay camping permit and vehicle access permit.

If you're not aware of the rules around beach driving, these videos by Queensland National Parks are well worth the watch.

Make sure your camping trip is problem-free – take note of the camping fees, where you can use a generator and usage rules, and check up on fire bans and where you can enjoy a campfire, fuel stove, or BBQ cook-up.

Be sure to share your Bribie Island National Park adventures with us by #MoretonDaily or @MoretonDaily.

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