All Star Boxing Academy strikes gold - 13 times!

Posted: 9am 23 Sep 2021

Above: Three All Star Boxing Academy medallists, from left, Bailey Goiris, Chaise Courtney, Jaspa Stowers.

All Star Boxing Academy fighters were in golden form at the Queensland State Titles over the weekend.

The academy, now at Pine Rivers Showgrounds in Lawnton, won 13 gold medals, one silver and one bronze from September 17-19 at the Acacia Ridge Hotel.

Paul Utai, Head Coach of Amateur Boxing at the All Star Academy, said it was “very good going” by all the club’s members.

“Because of all the hard work and dedication these boxers put in, I was hoping for a good outcome,” Utai said.

“Well done to everyone. All that hard work has been worth it.”

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Gold medallist Levi Langham, red shirt, with (from left) Ray Stowers, Paul Utai, Ben Harrington, Herb Taggart and Kaaden Sloane.
Yungu Yanner, second left, gold medallist in the Elite section with (from left) Tehau Ackinclose, Paul Utai, Chris Evers.
From left: Paul Utai, Tehau Ackinclose, Ben Harrington, Levi Langham, Herb Taggart
From left: Kaaden Sloane, Paul Utai, Tehau Ackinclose, Tyrone Owen, winner of the 63kg gold medal, Ben Harrington, Herb Taggart, Ray Stowers.
From left: Tehau Ackinclose, Paul Utai, Elite gold medallist Rhett Quinlan, Ben Harrington, Herb Taggart.
From left: Ray Stowers, Ben Harrington, Kaaden Sloane, Tyrone Owen winner of the 63kg gold, Herb Taggart, Paul Utai.

All Star Academy at Queensland State Titles 2021

Under 13 (born 2009-2010)

Bailey Goiris - 36kg silver

Stewart Taggart - 40kg gold

Jaspa Stowers - 46kg gold

Under 15 (born 2007-2008)

Mackenzie Allen - 40kg gold

Taj Harrington - 34kg gold

Thomas Haworth - 46kg gold

Darcy O’Malley - 48kg gold

Pj Utia - 63kg gold

Chaise Courtney - 50kg gold

Junior (born 2005-2006)

Aaron Grealey - 60kg gold

Jye Dixon - 48kg gold

Tyrone Owen - 63kg gold

Youth (born 2003-2004)

Levi Langham - 75kg gold

Elite Born (born 2002/under)

Yungu Yanner - gold

Rhett Quinlan - bronze

Jaspa Stowers, winner of the Under 13 46kg gold.

Most of the fighters train five or six days a week, with running in the mornings and specific programs later in the day.

All Star Boxing Academy has programs for all ages and abilities, such as Pee Wee Boxing for those 5-10 to novice sparring, amateur and open sessions.

The academy is hosting its own Fight Night on October 23 at Norths Leagues and Services Club in Kallangur. Forty fights from 4pm onwards. Tickets available on the door.

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