Aussie country music stars to visit

Published 12:00pm 11 January 2023

Aussie country music stars to visit
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

Australian country music stars The Wolfe Brothers will be stopping by Moreton Bay this month as part of their upcoming tour.

Brothers Tom and Nick Wolfe will be performing all their hits, plus the latest single from their forthcoming sixth album, at North Leagues Club on January 25.

Speaking to Moreton Daily ahead of the show, Tom said the duo were excited to perform in Moreton Bay for the first time.

“As Tasmanians, we try and come up to Queensland as much as we can to soak up the sun,” Tom said, laughing.

“We haven’t been to this part of Queensland before, but we love visiting and performing for our Queensland audiences.

“We have a huge fan base there, and we know they like to go out and have a good time, so it’s really important to us that we put on an entertaining show for them.

“This upcoming show is going to be great because we will be performing all our hits, plus the brand-new single from our new album.

“It’s called Livin’ The Dream, and it’s my favourite song to perform at the moment because it’s new and adds a new level of excitement to the show.

“We might even debut some extra songs from that album for the loyal fans, which I think they will really dig.

“Another song I love to sing is a song called Ain’t Seen it Yet. That’s always on the playlist and is a favourite amongst fans.”

As a performer, Tom loves seeing the fans singing and dancing along to his lyrics and music.

“We are so lucky to see how some of our songs have connected with people,” he said.

“It’s an honour when you see people out in the crowd singing your songs back to you because it means something to them.”

Even though they have been taking to stages all over the country since shooting to stardom after placing second in the reality television show Australia’s Got Talent in 2012, Tom says they do get a little nervous before each show.

“We do get nervous, but only because we care about the show and the audience,” Tom said.

“We consider it a privilege to call this our job, so we want to ensure everything goes right for the fans because they deserve that.

“Before each show we have a little team huddle. Even though it is me and my brother, we also consider ourselves lucky because we have our best mates and some of the country’s best musicians join us on stage.

“We always have a shot of fireball whisky before each show, which opens up the sinuses and gets everyone excited and pumped.”

Tom is hoping to see a big crowd at their upcoming show and encourages everyone to come and check them out.

“If you’re on the edge because its country music, I challenge you to come out to the show because I guarantee you will have a good time,” Tom said.

“Country music is booming in Australia at the moment because there are so many talented artists and song writers in this genre, so we feel very proud to be a part of it.”

Aussie country music stars to visit

From reality television to stardom

It's now been 10 years since The Wolfe Brothers captured the attention of the nation when they were beamed into millions of lounge rooms around Australia each week as they progressed through the heats and into the final of Australia’s Got Talent in 2012.

The brothers impressed the judges and the crowd by playing their own original rock songs, which paid off and saw them take second place in the competition.

Their performances on stage also captured the attention of Lee Kernaghan’s long time manager Steve White, who saw them on television while working in Nashville.

He then signed them up under his management.

A few months later the brothers found themselves in a rehearsal studio in Sydney auditioning for Lee to be in his touring band.

After playing two songs, Lee told them not only did they have the job, but he also gave The Wolfe Brothers the opening spot at all his concerts which allowed them to play their own music all over Australia.

This experience not only garnered the brothers a loyal fan base, but also saw them transform into a world-class recording and touring act that now headlines their own tours and festivals.

Music is in their blood

Tom and Nick come from four generations of farmers and musicians, so playing music was always going to be in their DNA.

Their father Malcolm Wolfe was a rock drummer in the Tasmanian band Midnight Revival, and always encouraged them to start playing and helped facilitate their first shows when they were teenagers.

Their grandfather played saxophone, who toured around the brothers’ home state of Tasmania with the Wolfe Family Band, and their great grandfather was a fiddle player.

Aussie country music stars to visit

New album coming soon

The Wolfe Brothers will release their sixth studio album titled Livin’ The Dream in April 2023.

This album was written during the pandemic over many Zoom sessions with writers all over the world.

The title track from the Livin’ The Dream album was released in November.

The second Wolfe Brother Nick said it’s a common phrase most people have heard or even said themselves.

“It’s a phrase I am sure we all have heard every day in conversation. Most of us have even said it ourselves,” Nick said. 

“Usually, it’s making light of a challenging situation.

“I love it because instead of having a whinge about how snowed under we are, how tired we are, how overworked or how busy we are, we do the Aussie thing and just say “yeah mate, just livin’ the dream.

“To me, it’s saying there’s good and bad in every job out there.

“That’s life. It’s keeping your spirits up, cracking a smile and rolling with it.”

How to book

The Wolfe Brothers will be appearing at the auditorium at Norths Leagues Club on January 25 at 8pm.

Tickets are $42 for members and $45 for non-members.

This is an 18 plus event.

To book, click here.

Norths Leagues Club is located at 1347 Anzac Ave, Kallangur.


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