Bec Hannan’s bathroom renovation taps in to clever design

Posted: 9am 24 Apr 2019

It's an essential room in any house and it needs to be functional, but that doesn't mean the bathroom can't look sleek and luxurious, as proved by Bec Hannan's renovation.

The Banksia Beach resident, who has a passion for interior design, was keen to bring a modern coastal theme to her 16-year-old main bathroom and ensuite.

“We got back from overseas and (decided) it was time. The cabinetry was falling apart in the main bathroom and the ensuite was getting mouldy,” Bec says.

There was also the dated colour scheme — blue and green in the ensuite, orange benches in the main bathroom with blue floor tiles and ugly feature tiles.

With the help of Jamie Barr and the team from Total Bathroom Renovations at Caboolture, she now has two stylish bathrooms which make clever use of the available space.

“We’re thrilled with the outcome. I like the way all our ideas came together in the end,” Bec says. They took great care to choose products, fixtures and fittings that looked great, were functional and on trend.

Jamie started specialising in bathroom renovations about 12 years ago.

He says they spend time with the owner to find out what they want and what will work in the space they have.

“I just love the before and after,” he says.

“I’ve been doing it for a long time and I still get a kick out of it.”

In 12 years, he has seen all kinds of bathrooms and knows with the right planning and advice, that any one of them can become something functional and beautiful.

In Jamie’s view, the base design for bathrooms is pretty similar to how it was 12 years ago, but new trends have taken hold. Back then chocolate was a popular colour, but this hasn’t been the case for about eight years.

Home renovation programs on TV have given people plenty of ideas.

“Free-standing baths have made a big comeback over the last five years, but you need a room big enough to be able to pull it off. That’s when expertise comes into it,” Jamie explains.

There’s an amazing array of tapware and shower heads available now, adding luxurious touches to bathroom design.

“We do get owners that want to do something different. I love doing stuff like that when people think outside the box.”

He says Bec’s bathroom is an example of that and it works because she has an eye for colour.

“She absolutely nailed it,” Jamie says.

Lighting has become a feature over vanities and even in shower recesses. Open showers are popular, but you need a big space to accommodate them.

When it comes to colours, people are going for natural, stone and earthy tones with a tendency for light rather than dark colours.


Planning: Visit display homes and suppliers to get a good idea of the colours and fittings you want to use

Builder selection: Choose a builder you can work with who is qualified and knows what they are doing

Ask questions: Know what’s involved in each step of the process to ease stress and make alternative bathing arrangements, if necessary

Budget: Have a clear idea of what you can spend before you start. The cost of tiles and fittings can vary greatly

Total Bathroom Renovations: Visit



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