Why buying a Legacy Week badge means so much

Published 10:00am 24 August 2022

Why buying a Legacy Week badge means so much
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

When you buy a badge in honour of Legacy Week, you are helping to support the families of Australian veterans like widow Verona Lowndes.

Verona, who lives in Deception Bay, was supported by Legacy following the death of her husband Gordon in 2007.

Gordon served in the New Zealand Defence Force where he was stationed for two years training for the Gunner regiment. He was also one of the top signalmen who were perched at the highest lookouts to spot threats.

“Gordon was in what they call compulsory military training which meant once young men turned 18 they were invited to enrol in one of the military forces,” Verona explains.

“He enjoyed being in the military and encouraged the young men to do what they feel they needed to do.

“Unfortunately, one day there was an accident and he was badly scalded when he was 20 or 21 and he was medically discharged.”

After the scalding, Gordon suffered severe pain for the remaining years of his life before he died from a brain tumor in 2007.

“When I became a widow, I was fortunate to have close friends who were Legatees and they helped me with everything I had to do that comes with the loss of a spouse,” Verona recalls.

“It’s so important for widows to have that enduring support from Legacy because it is such a hard time in your life.”

Before he passed away, both Gordon and Verona were well-known in the local snooker scene.

“Gordon did a lot of promotion with junior snookers in New Zealand and here in Moreton Bay as well,” Verona says.

In addition, Gordon was a Justice of the Peace, and worked with local authorities to help young people get on the right path after making some bad decisions.

Verona is encouraging the community to support Legacy Week and buy a badge, because you never know who might need the assistance of Legacy in the future. 

Why buying a Legacy Week badge means so much

Supporting veterans and their families

Legacy is an iconic Australian charity established in 1923 and founded on a promise made from one digger to another – to “look after the missus and the kids”.

Legacy is there to provide assistance to the partners and children of those who gave their lives or their health for our country. They do this by providing essential social, financial and developmental support that families depend on each day.

Since the 1940s, Legacy has hosted Legacy Week – a time when Australian’s buy a badge or make a donation in support of all the good work Legacy does.

This year, Legacy Week will be held from August 28 to September 3.

The Legacy badge is a special emblem of support for veterans’ families, symbolising our nation’s greatest values of mateship, compassion and fairness.

Legacy badges may be little but the funds they raise make a big impact in the lives of our veterans’ families.

This year, you can purchase Legacy badges from:

  • Bribie Island Golf Course on August 31 and September 1
  • Bribie Island Markets on September 4
  • Bribie Island RSL on August 30 and 31
  • Redcliffe Markets every Sunday
  • IGA Sandstone Point on August 30 and September 1
  • IGA Beachmere from September 1-3
  • Bongaree Woolworths from August 27 to September 4
  • Bunnings Rothwell from August 25-27 and August 29 to September 3
  • Westfield North Lakes from August 29 to September 3
  • Peninsula Fair from August 27 to September 3
  • Bunnings Morayfield on August 25-27 and September 1-3
  • Caboolture Square from August 29 to September 3

For more information about Legacy Week, visit their website.


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