Cat Flu - What you need to know

Published 5:17pm 20 October 2021

Cat Flu - What you need to know
Words by Kylie Knight

Cat Flu, or Feline Virus, is the most common contagious and infectious disease in cats. It is an upper respiratory tract infection that can be caused by a number of different viruses, and is more commonly seen in unvaccinated cats.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Sneezing
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Clear discharge from the nose and eyes
  • Dull and depressed demeanour
  • Raised body temperature
  • Low appetite
  • Occasionally, skin lesions and pneumonia

How is it cured or treated?

Just as in the case of the common cold, Cat Flu is not “cured”, but must run its course. The best treatment is prevention, by ensuring that your cat is vaccinated every 12 months to provide them with protection.

Can my cat be vaccinated to protect them against Cat Flu?

Yes! Vaccination may not prevent your cat becoming infected but will drastically reduce the severity of the disease, often to the point that all that is noticed is mild transient lethargy and inappetence for a few days.

What are “carrier” cats?

A large percentage of cats who are infected with Cat Flu become “carriers”, which means they are infected but not showing symptoms. These cats can infect other cats when they “shed” the virus.

What should you do if you cat is diagnosed with Cat Flu?

While your pet is recovering at home, you can help them but encouraging them to eat and drink regularly, keeping their eyes and nose clear by wiping any discharge away regularly, and keeping an eye on them to track any decline in their condition.

If you are worried at all about your cat’s health, book an appointment see your vet.


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