Council Budget: Divisions 5-8 highlights

Published 10:00am 18 June 2021

Council Budget: Divisions 5-8 highlights
Words by Kylie Knight


The popularity of Division 5 is undeniable, but Councillor Sandra Ruck says the expectations of existing residents need to be met first.

So, Budget 2021-22 will focus on investing in local sports, recreation and community infrastructure.

“Local families love living here for our healthy and relaxed lifestyle, so I’m thrilled by all the upgrades and exciting projects we’ll get underway this financial year,” Cr Ruck says.

“Council has allocated $4.5 million to the upgrade of the new Deception Bay Community Hall in partnership with the Federal Government, which has generously provided another $2.5 million to support this project.

“It’s exciting to see this hall getting a new lease on life and transforming into a district level facility for the whole region, doubling as a new home for the Deception Bay Meals on Wheels.

“Further down the foreshore we will begin work on the $2.3 million Deception Bay Environmental Centre at Joseph Crescent with $500,000 this financial year to start building on the site where the old DPI buildings were, an important project that’s only possible thanks to support from the State Government.

“This space will become an inviting precinct for locals and visitors to relax and unwind, and a welcoming place for community groups to come together with a playground, kiosk and indigenous displays.

“We will invest $1.25 million into the stage 1 of upgrades to the popular Redcliffe PCYC at Kippa-Ring, which is critical to support the growth we’re seeing in sport in this area.”

Concept designs for Talobilla Park’s Softball Clubhouse will be finalised this financial year with a view construction could be completed in 2024.

“This is important because the local softball club certainly continues to grow in numbers,” Cr Ruck says.

“There are also 17 local park upgrades planned around Division 5 within the next five years, to ensure families have outdoor spaces close to home where they can relax and have a good time.

“We’re also investing in greater environmental rehabilitation and revegetation around our beautiful coastline, with $450,00 to repair and raise the Deception Bay seawall to ensure it remains for generations to come.

“From here, I really want to make sure we’re greening more of our local area, so expect to see more advocacy from me in that space.

“Finally, I want to highlight a passion project of mine which is the $300,000 we’ll invest developing the Deception Bay SES building.

“Our SES volunteers do a fantastic job and this money will ensure that our hardworking crews have the facilities they need to assist our community in times of disaster.

“I’m also hoping that it might even help to increase our SES volunteer numbers, they’re always looking for new members.”

Budget 2021-22 delivers a record $245 million capital works program and a renewed focus on community engagement, to ensure every action of Council aligns with the values of the community.

Budget Highlights for Division 5

  • $4.5 million to upgrade the Deception Bay Community Hall
  • $1.25 million for stage 1 of the Redcliffe PCYC expansion at Kippa-Ring
  • $750,000 to build new pedestrian pathways along Lipscombe Rd, Deception Bay
  • $500,000 to start stage 1 of construction of the new environmental hub in place of the old DPI buildings at Joseph Cres
  • $460,000 for new footpaths at Buchanan St, Rothwell
  • $450,000 for seawall replacement works along Captain Cook Pde, Deception Bay
  • $400,000 for new designs to upgrade the skate park at Deception Bay Sports Centre the following year
  • $300,000 for stage 2 of resurfacing at the Redcliffe Aerodrome (taxiway and helicopter pads)
  • $280,000 for road resurfacing at Landsborough Ave, Scarborough
  • $260,000 for pathway construction at the Government Street Sportsground, Deception Bay
Council Budget: Divisions 5-8 highlights


With the booming popularity of the Redcliffe Peninsula showing no signs of slowing, Councillor Karl Winchester (Div 6) is thinking outside the box to keep Division 6 clean, green, and fun.

This year, more trees and landscaping will be incorporated into the design of roadworks and stormwater projects, and there will be a review of building heights to ensure sustainability is a central feature of development across the peninsula.

“Everyone moving here and everyone who grew up here loves Redcliffe for the same reason - lifestyle,” he says.

“Residents have made their concerns about planning loud and clear, and we will act on that this financial year by working to improve the transparency and clarity of Council’s building heights policy.

“I want to ensure the liveability of the peninsula endures into the future, that means we need to embrace smarter urban planning, investing in green and civic spaces.

“We’ll be investigating options to extend the newly constructed shared pathway along Hornibrook Esp to continue all the way up to the Jetty at Woody Point.

“Ideally, I’d love to see pathways and boardwalks that connect all the way around the peninsula from Pelican Park in Clontarf to Endeavour Park in Newport so absolutely everyone can explore our region weather you’re on bike, in a wheelchair, riding a skateboard or on foot.

“The first stage of this project was possible thanks to assistance from the State Government and it’s proven to be hugely popular with not only locals, but also visitors who come from far and wide to enjoy our impressive infrastructure.
“We’ve allocated $6.35 million to road upgrades along Victoria Ave at the MacDonnell and Duffield roads interactions as well as starting designs on a shared road along Woodcliff Cres to keep pace with increased traffic in and out of Redcliffe.
“Council is also investing in our environment and will spend $300,00 revitalising Bells Creek to improve the water quality going out into Bramble Bay, which in turn helps to rejuvenate seagrass beds and support our local Dugong population.
Design works will also start on the Charlish Park seawall renewal so it can be upgraded.
“I think this is truly a Budget for everyone and I’m proud to be part of a Council that is delivering on its promise for better infrastructure and more jobs for the growth of this region.”

Budget 2021-22 delivers a record $245 million capital works program and a renewed focus on community engagement, to ensure every action of Council aligns with the values of the community.

Budget Highlights for Division 6

  • $1.08 million for road improvements to Victoria Ave, Woody Point
  • $300,000 to improve the water quality at Bells Creek, Redcliffe
  • $250,000 to renew the footpath at Violet St, Redcliffe
  • $250,000 to complete the ‘missing link’ of footpaths at Pinewood Street, Orchid Street and Houghton Ave, Redcliffe
  • $245,000 for new amenities at K R Benson Park, Clontarf
  • $234,000 for stormwater renewal woks at Donald St, Woody Point
  • $195,000 to build a new seawall along Crockatt Park, Woody Point
  • $190,000 to upgrade the intersection at MacDonnell Rd and Victoria Ave, Margate
  • $176,000 to resurface Duffield St, Margate
  • $165,000 to resurface John St, Redcliffe
Council Budget: Divisions 5-8 highlights


Division 7 will be the first off the rank for a new approach to Neighbourhood planning and breathe renewed life into local suburbs such as Kallangur and Dakabin.

Deputy Mayor Denise Sims says Division 7 has scored more than $20.6 million in capital works to enhance the liveability of this growth corridor.

“With the Bruce Highway to the east and Gympie Rd to the west, my focus is on connecting the community by improving our roads and parks, as well as delivering better neighbourhood planning that can create focal points,” she says.

“So I can’t wait to get out and talk to locals about our Kallangur and Dakabin Neighbourhood Plans.

“This is to engage with locals for their feedback and ideas on how we can reinvigorate these areas to create vibrant communities with identifiable town centres to bring people together.

“I don’t want to lose the nostalgic neighbourhood feel of local cul-de-sacs as our region’s population continues to boom.

“That’s why we’re investing $550,000 in park upgrades to Carramar Reserve in Dakabin, with $200,000 Federal Government support.”

This will include the installation of a new children’s playground, barbecue facilities and seating areas.

“Locals have been telling me they would love to spend longer using the refurbished amenities at Penson Park in Kallangur, so Council is now investing $237,500 for new accessibility toilets and pathways,” Cr Sims says.

“There’s even something for teenage dirt bike riders in Budget 2021-22, who’ll be excited to know we’re constructing a new $465,000 Pump Track at Blatchford Reserve.

“I think this is an incredible public amenity that will be freely available in this park, because there was a time when this kind of facility was only at bike riding centres or skill parks.

“We’re also working to get you home faster so you can spend more time in our local parks, with more than $15.3 million to be spent upgrading various sections of Old Gympie Road to help ease congestion and improve safety.

“Improving transport networks like roads, pathways and cycleways is one of the best measures to cater for growth, which is why Council is spending $115.3 million this financial year on roads across Moreton Bay Region.

“I’d like to thank residents for their input into this Budget and I promise to continue to listen to your feedback to achieve real outcomes for our community.”

Budget 2021-22 delivers a record $245 million capital works program and a renewed focus on community engagement, to ensure every action of Council aligns with the values of the community.

Budget Highlights for Division 7

  • $12.5 million to upgrade Old Gympie Rd, Dakabin, from Alma Rd to Goodwin Rd
  • $7.5 million for Boundary and Old Gympie roads, Dakabin, for a signalised intersection with pedestrian crossing and shared pathways
  • $1.85 million towards the first stage of a road and intersection upgrade at Old Gympie Rd, Kallangur, between Whitehorse and Alma roads
  • $550,000 for a park upgrade at Carramar Reserve, Dakabin, thanks to support from the Federal Government
  • New $465,000 pump track at Blatchford Reserve.
  • $237,500 for an amenities renewal at Penson Park (Kruger Hall), Kallangur
  • $75,000 Kallangur Community Centre site masterplan
  • $450,000 to continue the detailed design for the upgrade of Alma Rd underpass
  • $60,000 for the design of Alma Rd bend realignment and upgrade
  • $50,000 preliminary design for multipurpose sport and recreation building at John Oxley Reserve
Council Budget: Divisions 5-8 highlights


Road networks, transport efficiency and community connectivity are set for a major shake-up around Division 8 in Budget 2021-22.

A total of $17.4 million will be invested in capital projects, with Cr Mick Gillam (Div 8) saying he’s focused on delivering projects that will be of benefit for generations to come.

“The big one of course is the Youngs Crossing bridge, planning is continuing for this multimillion-dollar project with the bulk of the funds being budgeted in the next two years,” he says.

“As a former teacher it upsets me to see smart kids leave our region and I want to invest in keeping them here. Which means we need to make it easier to live, work and play in Moreton Bay Region.

“We all know what a headache Gympie Rd can be in peak hour, so by building more efficient, alternative local roads we can help families to spend less time in the car and more time at home or playing sport.

“Within 12 months, you’ll see a complete overhaul of the Beeville Rd and Frenchs Rd intersection in Petrie, with an additional $4.9 million funding upgrade for those roads.”

The existing intersection will be changed to have traffic lights and additional turning lanes from all directions, as well as new pedestrian crossings, with wider pathways and bicycle lanes for active transport.

“I’ve also secured $1.4 million for road rehabilitation works at Todds Rd in Lawnton,” Cr Gillam said.

“There is additional funding for other road resurfacing and intersection upgrades around the Lawnton and Bray Park areas.

“One of our greatest local assets is the North Pine River, so it’s essential for Council to keep investing in making this incredible amenity a place to rival the likes of Kedron Brook or Norman Creek in the city.

“To this end we will be constructing future green links to improve pedestrian connectivity and make our parks a focal point of our suburbs.

“Thanks to a $400,000 contribution from Kallangur MP Shane King we will be constructing a brand new $1.6 million pedestrian bridge and pathway along the North Pine River from Ron Thomason Park in Lawnton to the corner of the One Mile Golf Club.

“This Budget also delivers for local kids with a $1.25 million upgrade to the Pine Rivers PCYC in Bray Park, which is just stage 1 of a major four-part overhaul, with $890,000 support from the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program.

“We will also improve the usability of the Strathpine Community Centre by installing $600,000 worth air conditioning and a solar power system to keep help keep operating costs down.

“I’m proud to say that this Budget has an eye to the future and will deliver projects with a legacy benefit for Division 8.”

Budget 2021-22 delivers a record $245 million capital works program and a renewed focus on community engagement, to ensure every action of Council aligns with the values of the community.

Budget Highlights for Division 8

  • $4.9 million for road rehabilitation and intersection upgrade to Beeville Rd, Petrie
  • $1.6 million for the construction of the bridge and shared pathway at Ron Thomason Park, Lawnton
  • $1.4 million for road rehabilitation at Todds Rd, Lawnton
  • $1.25 million for stage 1 upgrades to Pine Rivers PCYC, Bray Park, with Federal Government support
  • $670,000 for the drainage upgrade to Francis Rd, Bray Park
  • $600,000 to install air conditioning at the Strathpine Community Centre
  • $485,000 to surface the road at Sovereign Ave, Bray Park
  • $360,000 for detailed planning of the intersection upgrade at Sparkes Rd and Ellis St, Lawnton
  • $355,000 for an amenities upgrade at Lawnton Aquatic Centre
  • $314,000 to resurface the road at Ferrari St, Lawnton

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