Delivering innovation and inspiration

Published 10:33am 20 October 2021

Delivering innovation and inspiration
Words by Jodie Powell

Innovate Moreton Bay steering committee members have welcomed news the tender for Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services program has been awarded to Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism (MBRIT).

The motion to grant the tender to MBRIT was passed unanimously at this morning’s general council meeting.

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Chief Economic Development Officer Paul Martins told the meeting it was the end of a process that started 12 months ago, when expressions of interest were called.

Mr Martins says the program ties in with the Council’s Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS).

Under the tender, Innovate Moreton Bay, as part of MBRIT, will steer the development of the region’s innovation capacity and capability for the next two years, with the option of a third.

Innovate Moreton Bay was established by MBRIT and Advance Queensland in 2018.

Steering committee member SRJ Walker Wayland co-director Shaun Reeves says Innovate Moreton Bay has worked hard to foster a culture of inspiration and support in the region’s business community.

Growing capability

“I am elated to hear of the awarding of the tender so we can continue running very hard and growing business capability and credibility in the region.

“For a long time, businesses in the region had lacked any real support mechanism or even inspiration for trying to do things in a new and innovative way and to create new products.

“(Innovate Moreton Bay Regional Innovation Co-ordinator) Steve Butler has been an incredibly energetic and irresistible force in growing our business and innovation ecosystem.”

Mr Reeves says building on the work already done by Innovate Moreton Bay will cement the region’s reputation as a “serious business destination”.

“If you’re looking for a spot to prosper, look at Moreton Bay,” he says.

Boosting business

Howard Neilsen, who represents Samford Commons on the steering committee, says the work of Innovate Moreton Bay has the potential to change people’s lives.

“It’s testament to the hard work of the Innovate Moreton Bay group and MBRIT (Moreton Bay Region Industry and Tourism), as well as the vision of the Mayor and councillors and senior officers of the Council, to make sure this sort of partnership happens,” Mr Neilsen says.

“People will look back on this decision as one that makes a huge difference to the region and the state.

“It will enable us to extend its quality and the whole ecosystem which makes up the creative people of Moreton Bay, from small to bigger businesses and from social to commercial enterprises,” he says.

The tender – the only one received - was awarded in accordance with Council’s Procurement Policy under the Competitive Local Business and Industry (local preference) initiative.

The submission by MBRIT and Innovate Moreton Bay was the only one received. The panel overseeing the process determined it was value for money.

Councillors Hain and Savige said the process was rigorous and open, with a probity advisor in place to oversee it.

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