Doll Show comes full circle

Published 5:00am 23 December 2023

Doll Show comes full circle
Words by Nadia Chapman

The annual Doll, Bear and Craft Show is returning to Strathpine in 2024 for possibly its last show.

Northside Doll Circle is a not-for-profit organisation that has run the show for 36 years.

The show is regarded as one of the best shows in the Brisbane area, but as members get older, and as the art of making porcelain dolls dwindles, so do the club’s membership numbers.

Northside Doll Circle president Kerry Love says the club first blossomed when a small group of dollmakers bonded over their love of making and collecting dolls.

“Our club was created by a small group of keen porcelain doll makers in 1987,” Kerry says.

“First based in the studio of Strathpine Dolls, a small doll show was organised by a few members in order to encourage doll making and increase membership; now the show has grown into one of the best.”

Each year, the doll show has a theme, and for 2024, that’s “masquerade”.

“Any doll may be entered and should be dressed to suit the theme - perhaps a ball gown and a decorative mask,” Kerry says.

“Visitors to our shows can expect a doll competition, displays—which have been acknowledged as the very best—and a large hall with many trading tables. There will also be refreshments provided by the ladies from The Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA).”

The traders will be selling a large range of porcelain doll-making goods and finished dolls. Visitors can also purchase other craft supplies and gifts on the day.

All profits made from the show are donated to QCWA, and other charities including LinC National, DARE and Hope in a Suitcase.

“We support the CWA Rural Crisis Fund with a cash donation raised by our raffle and extra from our club funds,” Kerry says.

As the first doll show with its very own doll competition, doll makers can expect to win cash prizes and medals for their achievements.

“Winners in the competition receive ribbons, medallions and rosettes, along with a written critique from the judges,” Kerry explains.

“The ‘Doll of the Show’ will receive $100, the ‘Bear of the Show’ will receive $50 and we have a special Lesley Hurford award, in memory of our former patron, who was a well-loved dealer in antique dolls; this winner will receive $50 also.”

The Doll, Bear and Craft Show will be held at Strathpine Community Centre on June 2, 2024, from 9am-3pm.

Admission fees are $10 per person, with children under 15 free.

For more information, visit the Facebook page

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Photos by Dominika Lis


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