Electric Vehicle labels a safety boost

Posted: 1pm 08 Dec 2021

Time is running out for owners of electric and hybrid vehicles to attach warning labels to their cars.

Jeanette Morgan from Village Nissan says people have until January 1 to fit the tags or they risk fines and demerit point deductions.

She says the introduction of the compulsory labels, which came into effect in October, had taken many people by surprise.

“Our customers are aware that you can’t touch things in the engine of the vehicle, but many are not aware they must now be fitted with labels,” Jeanette says.

“So we’re putting labels on any of the cars that come in for a service.”

The labels must be fitted to the front and rear number plates of electric and hybrid vehicles built after January 2019 and other vehicles modified to be electric or hybrid after the same date.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie says from October 1 anyone who owns an electric or hybrid vehicle is required to have specialised EV labels attached to their car.

Safety first

“These vehicles can present a hazard to emergency services during crashes and rescue situations, so the labels allow responders to quickly identify if there’s an electric component and use specific safety procedures,” Lauren says.

“We don’t want drivers to get caught out, so those with an EV or hybrid need to make sure they have a blue triangular EV label, similar to the labels required on LPG fuelled vehicles, securely fitted to a clear space within the border of their plates.”

Police have been enforcing use of the labels since the beginning of October by educating motorists, but from January 1 they will issue $137.05 fines and deduct one demerit point.

Lauren says RACQ is offering free labels for members.

“If you’re a member and you have an EV or hybrid vehicle, you can collect these labels from your local RACQ store,” she says.

“If you’re not an RACQ member, you can buy the labels from the Motor Trades Association of Queensland and several other online sites, but make sure you check the labels are compliant with the specific requirements.

“There’s no mandatory method of fitting the labels to number plates, as long as they’re secured, but most labels will come with the option of double-sided adhesion or screws.

“If you’re buying a new or used electric or hybrid vehicle privately, or from a dealership, it’s best to talk to the seller about fitting the label, as the responsibility comes down to the registered owner.”

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