Encircle calls for more volunteers to assist Adult Literacy Program

Published 5:00am 9 August 2022

Encircle calls for more volunteers to assist Adult Literacy Program
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

A Moreton Bay neighbourhood centre is searching for more volunteers to ensure two of their most popular services can continue.

Marian Brooks from Encircle Pine Rivers Neighbourhood Centre is hoping to recruit up to 10 new volunteers who can assist with the Adult Literacy Program.

“Under the umbrella of the Adult Literacy Program we have English conversational classes and one-on-on tutoring for anyone who wants to improve their literacy and numeracy,” Marian says.

“The classes are quite popular, with many migrants and adults who want to increase their skillset taking part.

“The classes are used by people who want to do things like pass their Australian Citizenship Test, apply for a job, go for their driver’s licence, or want to upskill their reading, writing and numeracy capabilities.”

Marian, who has a background in teaching, says anyone can put their hands up to help.

“I do have a teaching background, but that is not necessary with our volunteers,” Marian explains.

“We don’t have a set curriculum like a classroom would have because the adults that come to us are all at different levels and are wanting different outcomes.

“If you have patience and a willingness to help other people, we would love to hear from you.

“All volunteers have different skills they can bring to the role, and we can help you with the rest.”

Marian has been volunteering her time for four years and loves that she gets to help people become happier and more confident in themselves.

“This is an opportunity for me to use my skills in a different way and give back to people who really want some help to improve their position in life,” she says.

Encircle calls for more volunteers to assist Adult Literacy Program

Register your interest

If you would like to register to become a volunteer and help with the Adult Literacy Program, email [email protected]

Class timetable

The free English conversational classes are held every Monday from 9.30-11am at the North Lakes Library, 10 the Corso, North Lakes.

In addition, classes are also held every Tuesday and Friday from 9.30-11am at the Pendicup Community Centre, 365 Samsonvale Rd, Warner.

This is a friendly and relaxed group that provides an opportunity for people to engage in conversations on a variety of relevant and interesting topics.

The free one-on-one adult literacy and numeracy tutoring is held between Monday to Friday.

To book a session, phone 3889 0063.


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