Family unveils new plaque for Talah

Published 3:15pm 14 July 2023

Family unveils new plaque for Talah
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

The family of a young woman whose ashes were spread at Scott’s Point in Margate following her untimely death have unveiled a new memorial in her memory.

Family and friends of Talah Jackson gathered at the water’s edge on Friday morning for the small ceremony, where her mother Kylie Jackson unveiled a brand-new commemorative plaque on a park bench.

The new plaque, which features a loving quote and a link to Talah’s favourite song on Spotify (Purpose by Justin Bieber), replaces a wooden cross which Kylie and her family had erected at the site following her death 2021.

Talah was only 21 years old when she passed away.

Speaking to Moreton Daily after the unveiling, Kylie said she was happy to finally have the new plaque in place. 

“I am really happy with how the plaque turned out, and happy to have it revealed for her birthday - she would have been 24 today (July 14),” Kylie said.

“It’s amazing how you can put a code on a plaque that will take you to someone’s favourite song – I didn’t even know you could do something like that.

“Talah would listen to that song all the time.”

Controversy surrounding Talah’s wooden cross was raised in February this year when Kylie discovered a post on Facebook which said Council was planning on removing it.

The post, which was dated February 21, showed a picture of a Council notice next to Talah’s cross with the words “if anyone knows the family that has erected this memorial on the beachfront at Scott’s Point please get in contact with them as the Moreton Bay Regional Council is going to remove it in 14 days. It’s been there for ages and not harming anything or anyone”.

This caused Kylie to race back to the peninsula from Monto to talk to Council officers.

Instead of fighting the matter, Kylie collaborated closely with Council officers and Councillor Karl Winchester to find a solution.

“I had some conversations with Council on the phone beforehand, but when I actually met with them face-to-face in February, they worked out the solution and came up with the idea of the plaque, which I was very happy about,” Kylie said.

The council even allowed Kylie to keep the cross in place at Scott’s Point until Friday's unveiling.

Family unveils new plaque for Talah

Councillor Karl Winchester, who helped Kylie during this entire process, said he was happy a solution could be found.

“My heart goes out to Talah’s friends and family,” Cr Winchester said.

“I’m proud of the compassion shown by Moreton Bay Regional Council staff, who have gone above and beyond in delivering a permanent memorial for Talah.

“I hope this new memorial helps the special bond between mother and daughter, intrinsically linked to this site, live on.”

As a sign of respect, several Council officers also attended the unveiling, which Kylie said made her incredibly happy.

After spending a few moments listening to Talah’s favourite song, Kylie and the rest of the guests, including the Council officers, enjoyed sandwiches and muffins by the water and paid tribute to Talah’s short but meaningful life.


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