Rewarding job in favourite subject

Published 5:00am 28 October 2022

Rewarding job in favourite subject
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

While some people might agree that maths was not their favourite subject at school, the same can’t be said for Matthew Kleidon.

With a love for solving equations, Matthew decided to turn his favourite subject into a career, now working as a mathematics teacher at Bray Park State High School.

Speaking to Moreton Daily for World Teachers’ Day, Matthew said there was nothing else he would rather do for work than stand in front of a classroom full of students.

“I love coming to work every day because all the kids and other teachers are so great,” Matthew said.

“Even though we just had the school holidays, I was itching to come back and get back into the classroom.

“When I am standing up in front of the kids, it doesn’t feel like I am working.

“I really love it when you get that ‘ohh’ moment from the kids. You could be teaching a lesson all morning and then at the end of it the kids go ‘ohh that’s how you do it’. That makes you feel really good.

“There are lots of different ways of doing maths and solving the problems, but everyone will get to the same end point eventually, which I think is cool.”

Matthew has been working at the school for almost a year, following the completion of his online degree from the University of Southern Queensland last year.

“I was a late entry because I did some other courses first,” the 27-year-old said.

“I started engineering, and a few other things, but they weren’t quite right for me.

“I thought, I love maths, and I love teaching maths, so I will go and do a teaching degree.

“I did a Bachelor of Education with an extended major in mathematics.”

Matthew also completed his placements at Bray Park State High School before graduating.

Rewarding job in favourite subject

A great support network

As a graduate teacher, Matthew receives plenty of support and guidance from his colleagues and mentor.

“The school has a good mentoring system set up with our mentor teachers,” Matthew said.

“Miss Swaine sees us every two weeks and checks in with how we are feeling and doing, so it’s nice to have that support.

“This mentoring program is not just for first year teachers though – any other teachers at the school can go and see her.”

Advice for aspiring teachers

With Matthew loving his role, he encouraged others who were thinking of becoming teachers to “go for it”.

“Start your degree and see where it takes you. You might start one thing and realise it’s not for you, but then something else might be,” he said.

“For example, you might start off studying for secondary school, but then you move to teaching primary school.

“It’s such a rewarding career, and I can’t see myself doing anything else – that’s how much I love it.

“I am here at this school for three years, and even after that period of time, I don’t see myself going anywhere else.”

Annual day to say thanks

World Teachers’ Day is an annual event to celebrate teachers all over the globe, and their hard work and dedication to shaping the next generation.

In Queensland, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on Friday, October 28.


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