Federal election 2022: Eight candidates for Dickson

Published 3:30pm 23 April 2022

Federal election 2022: Eight candidates for Dickson
Words by Jodie Powell

A geologist, a business analyst and a curriculum co-ordinator are among the eight candidates who want to win the House of Representatives seat of Dickson at the May 21 Federal Election.

Nationally, 1624 candidates have nominated for the election.

Dickson was named in honour of Sir James Robert Dickson, a leading advocate for Federation, Premier of Queensland from 1898–99 and Minister for Defence in the first Federal Ministry.

The seat is considered marginal, with swing of 4.64 percent required to change hands.

Dickson candidates in ballot order

1. Alan Buchbach, Independent, Geologist

2. Lloyd Russell, Liberal Democratic Party, Consultant

3. Peter Dutton, Liberal National Party of Queensland, Federal Member of Parliament

4. Thor Prohaska, Independent, Business Analyst

5. Tamera Gibson, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, Self-employed

6. Alina Karen Ward, United Australia Party, Curriculum Co-ordinator

7. Ali France, Australian Labor Party, Media and Communications Manager

8. Vinnie Batten, Queensland Greens, Self-employed

Printing begins

Federal election 2022: Eight candidates for Dickson

Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers says yesterday represented a milestone in the huge, complex logistical operation that is the 2022 federal election, with early voting starting on Monday, May 9.

“Approximately 60 million ballot papers can now be printed and distributed in the coming days,” Mr Rogers says.

“This is an enormous task that enables our 8000 voting venues and 105,000 temporary election workers to provide access for Australian voters.”

“At the same time, we’re ensuring each venue has the appropriate COVID safety measures in place and people can feel comfortable to come and vote.”

“It really is one of the largest and most complex peacetime logistical events conducted in Australia, and now is when it all comes together ahead of early voting starting on Monday 9 May.”

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