How we are fuel-ing growth across our region

Published 7:00am 25 March 2021

How we are fuel-ing growth across our region
Words by Nick Crockford

A motoring milestone has been reached with more than 100 fuel stations now in the Moreton Bay Region – a growth spurt we are driving and which is unlikely to slow down.

The latest addition may be on South Pine Rd, Brendale, with BP looking to join Shell, Caltex and United along a 1.2km stretch of the dual carriageway.

Such concentrations are increasingly common (see below) with for example six servos in 2.3kms on Morayfield Rd and 11 in 8.5kms from Halpine Dr, Mango Hill to Lipscombe Rd, Deception Bay.

Growing trend

Dr Gary Mortimer, Retail Expert at QUT Business School, said it's a trend which will continue.

“We are becoming more mobile and councils are approving more and more development applications for upgrades and new service stations,” said Dr Mortimer.

“The impact of COVID has seen more people returning home and more getting a cheap second car to avoid using public transport.

How we are fuel-ing growth across our region
Two servos within a few metres of each other on Anzac Ave, Kallangur

Passing trade

“Service station owners are also looking at commuter travel, so you have stations on opposite sides of road, one to get the morning commuters and another for the evening.

“As residential growth continues in areas such as Morayfield, Burpengary, Redcliffe, North Lakes, Mango Hill there will be more opportunities for fuel stations.

“Some will be like a convenient old corner store.”

Welcome addition

Dr Mortimer said services stations also vary from budget servos to those like (mini) supermarkets and others adding cafes and meals for motorists.

The region’s chambers of commerce support the expansion.

“I think it is great getting more on the peninsula,” said Nick Tzimas, President of Commerce and Industry Redcliffe Peninsula. “It’s a positive thing getting more service for this area.”

Brad Flynn, President of Redcliffe Chamber of Commerce, added: “It may attract people to the area because of this convenience and notice businesses, while fueling up, that they never have noticed before, possibly leading to a new client.”

How we are fuel-ing growth across our region

Driving demand

Mango Hill/Rothwell/Deception Bay: Halpine Dr to Lipsombe Rd

11 fuel stations in 8.5kms

7-Eleven x 2, Shell x 2, BP, Puma, Woolies x 2, Caltex, Liberty x 2

(12 including Woolies at Bay Ave, Deception Bay Shopping Centre)

Caboolture: Cessna Dr/ Bribie Island Rd/Lower King St/King St/Beerburrum Rd

8 fuel stations in 4.6kms

7-Eleven x 2, Freedom, Caltex x 2, Matilda, United, Puma

(9 including Mobile on Beachmere Rd)

Bald Hills/Strathpine/Lawnton: Strathpine Rd/Old Gympie Rd

7 fuel stations in 5.5kms

United, Puma x 2, 7-Eleven, Coles-Shell, BP, Woolies

(8 including 7-Eleven at Gympie Rd, Bald Hills)

Kallangur: Anzac Ave

6 fuel stations in 2.9kms

Red Dog, Freedom, Shell, Woolies, BP, 7-Eleven

Rothwell/Deception Bay: Deception Bay Rd

6 fuel stations in 4.3kms

Woolies, 7-Eleven, Caltex, Liberty x 2, Shell

(7 including Woolies at Bay Ave, Deception Bay Shopping Centre)

Morayfield: Morayfield Rd

6 fuel stations in 3.5kms

Caltex, 7-Eleven, BP, Woolies, United, Shell

Caboolture: King St/Lower King St/Beerburrum Rd

6 fuel stations in 2.3kms

7-Eleven x 2, Freedom, Caltex, Matilda, United

North Lakes/Mango Hill: Anzac Ave/Halpine Dr

5 fuel stations in 2.5kms

7-Eleven, Shell, BP, Puma, Woolies

Brendale: South Pine Rd

4 fuel stations in 1.2kms

United, Shell, Caltex, BP

Redcliffe: Elizabeth Ave/Snook St

4 fuel stations in 2kms

Shell, Metro, BP, Woolies

Redcliffe: Ewan St/Klingner Rd

3 fuel stations in 2.3kms

Puma, 7-Eleven, Liberty

(4 in 2.6kms including Woolies on Bayne St)

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How we are fuel-ing growth across our region


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