Give joy to shelter pets this Christmas

Published 2:00pm 7 December 2022

Give joy to shelter pets this Christmas
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

The team at RSPCA Dakabin is calling on Santa’s helpers out in the community to spread some Christmas cheer to animals that don’t have families to spend the holidays with.

With Christmas just around the corner, the animal shelter is asking the community to dig deep and drop off donations of food, toys, treats and more to the animals that are waiting for the greatest gift of all – a new home and loving family.

RSPCA spokesperson Emma Lagoon says the donations would make an enormous difference.

“Sadly, not every pet will have a home this Christmas, and we know times are a little bit difficult everyone right now, but if you would like to give a gift to the animals that we'll be caring for over Christmas, any item on our wish list will be greatly appreciated!”

Give joy to shelter pets this Christmas

Their wish list revealed

On a post to Facebook, the team at RSPCA Dakabin said they need donations of:

  • Cat litter
  • Dog treats (for training and long lasting for boredom)
  • Cat squeeze tube treats (for training and behaviour work)
  • Strong hardy dog toys
  • Cat toys
  • Cat grass (also great for dogs and smaller animals)
  • Clam shell pools for dogs
  • Cat carriers
  • Pet cages for mice, rats, guinea pigs and birds
  • A4 paper
  • Large, heavy-duty garbage bags
  • Gift cards from Coles or Woolworths (which will allow the staff and volunteers to purchase roast chickens which works well for behaviour work for dogs and cats, as well as for unwell animals.

Drop in and see the team and the animals

The RSPCA Dakabin animal care centre is located on Goodwin Rd, Dakabin.

They are open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am-5pm, and Sunday from 10am-2pm.

Phone them on 3480 6450 for more information.


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