Have your say on new name for Caboolture West

Published 4:00pm 10 August 2021

Have your say on new name for Caboolture West
Words by Jodie Powell

Residents have been invited to join a Place Naming Committee that will help find a permanent name for Caboolture West.

Over the next 40 years the area is expected to become the Moreton Bay Region’s biggest emerging community, bringing with it new business, employment, education and lifestyle opportunities, as well as diverse housing options and outdoor experiences.

Mayor Peter Flannery says while it will be a home for future residents, he wants locals to be the first to make suggestions.

“Its current nickname, ‘Caboolture West’ doesn’t really cut it, so we’re putting out a call to the community to help us put a name on the map; one that captures the essence of this area and the future city it will be,” Mayor Flannery says.

“Naming a city and suburbs is no easy process - so people should consider this as a once in a lifetime, history-making opportunity to get involved.

“When thinking about place names we need the remember that they are more than addresses or tools to help us navigate to locations; they tell us a story about the place and its people.

Mayor Flannery wants the major development area to be well-planned, with current and future communities in mind, and says the process starts with the name.

Community involvement

Division 12 Councillor Tony Latter said the pathway to creating a strong community identity that reflects the character of the rural area will be a community-centric process.

“However that does not mean we’ll select the name by popular choice; we will follow stringent assessment criteria,” he says.

“To oversee this process we’re establishing a Place Naming Committee and calling for nominations from interested locals who want to be part of this moment in history.”

The Place Naming Committee will compile and recommend a shortlist for Council consideration to help inform their decision about a new name for Caboolture West.

“Council will then work with the State Government to formalise selected suburbs,” Cr Latter says.

He suggests looking for inspiration in names that honour local people and their contribution to community, consider the unique climatic or natural features of the region, acknowledge the local or Indigenous heritage or capture aspirations for the future.

Council has welcomed community involvement through:

  • A short survey to put forward your suggestions for place names (survey now open here)
  • The Place Naming Committee that will compile a recommended list of place names from the survey (nominations to be considered for a position now open here)
  • Focus groups that will help Council redefine the boundaries and protect the identities of existing suburbs affected by the coming development (expressions of interest now closed).

Visit yoursay.moretonbay.qld.gov.au today to learn more and to register your interest.

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