Keep it safe on the road

Published 5:00pm 16 May 2022

Keep it safe on the road
Words by Jodie Powell

Moreton Bay emergency service crews sent a simple message to motorists at the launch of National Road Safety Week in the region today.

They want everyone to drive so others survive.

Speaking at the launch, at the Caboolture BP station northbound on the Bruce Highway, Deception Bay Highway Patrol officer in charge Sen-Sgt Brett Stevenson said so far this year there had been 120 deaths on Queensland roads – 18 more than last year and five of them in the past week alone.

“There have been four deaths in the Moreton Bay Region, which is a reduction of three, which is excellent,” he says.

“But every death is a bad death.”

Brett says the best thing motorists can do is drive to the conditions.

“If a road is 100kmh, you don’t drive to 100kmh unless you can.

“The simple thing is just to take heed of the fatal five – speeding, using your phone, drug or drunk-driving, wearing seatbelts and not driving while tired.”

Look out for motorcyclists

Keep it safe on the road

Brett says hooning is causing concern for Moreton Bay Region police and offenders not only put their lives at risk, but also those of their passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.

He also urges motorists to be extra vigilant sharing the roads with motorcyclists – and for riders to take care.

“With a car you have four steel walls but with a motorcycle, once you get hit or come off the bike you don’t have any protection other than your PPE (personal protective equipment).

“Unfortunately, motorcyclists are greatly over-represented as far as deaths go.”

Be patient

Keep it safe on the road

Caboolture Fire Station officer in charge Stuart Nivison says the team attends far too many car crashes each year and that impatience is behind many crashes and near-misses.

“There’s no point hurrying to get somewhere and then not getting there at all,” Stuart says.

While the work specialist rescue fire fighters do can be harrowing, Stuart says there’s also a sense of pride in being able to help people.

“You potentially make a difference when you turn up and someone’s trapped and we can make it better.”

Adjust your driving

Keep it safe on the road

The officer in charge of Caboolture Ambulance Station, Dermot Kelly, says driving to weather and road conditions gives motorists the best chance of reaching their destination safely.

“In adverse weather conditions, just slow down and drive with care.

“There are a lot of potholes and uneven surfaces – slow down and be vigilant.”

The Redcliffe SES Group’s Graham Davis says volunteers are called in by other emergency services to help when there’s a fatal accident and it’s a sobering experience.

“They ask us to bring the marquee with the sides as a screening measure,” he says.

Everyone can play a part

Keep it safe on the road

Transport and Main Roads Director-General Neil Scales says National Road Safety Week, which runs until May 22, is an opportunity for everyone to lead the way in creating safer roads.

"Road safety is everyone's responsibility. I hope all Queenslanders will show their support by taking extra care on our roads not just during National Road Safety Week, but every day,” Neil says.

"The lives lost on our roads this year remind us how important it is to prioritise road safety."

TMR Regional Road Safety Manager Stuart Gardner says the impact of road trauma is enormous, and we can all play a part in reducing it.

“National Road Safety Week is an opportunity to think about the way we drive and share the road," Stuart says.

“Behave as though each person sharing the road with you is someone you care about.

“If we all lead by example, the number of deaths and injuries on our roads will decrease.”

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Keep it safe on the road

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