Lasers shine a light on affordable family fun

Published 4:00pm 6 June 2023

Lasers shine a light on affordable family fun
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

If you’re looking for a fun and competitive way to spend a few hours with your friends and family, look no further than Laserzone Brisbane at Lawnton.

Owner Ben Baker says all bets are off and everyone is fair game once they enter the specially designed multi-level laser tag arena, which gives competitors an adrenaline-fueled rush as they chase other players and dodge the infrared beams.

“The great thing about laser tag is it’s a sport the whole family can play together,” Ben says.

“There’s a misconception that laser tag is only for kids, but that’s not the case.

“We have lots of parents who come along with their kids and they enjoy it just as much as the young ones.

“They don’t have to worry about being bigger and stronger because laser tag is a sport with a level playing field.

“Once that vest goes on, it’s every person for themselves - you have to think fast and tag others before they tag you.

“Everyone is in the same arena, moving up and down the corridors and finding places to hide, so age doesn’t matter.

“But it is fun to see the parents and the kids challenge each other.”

Known as a “high-tech game of tiggy”, laser tag is a fun and safe sport compared with other target games. Unlike paintball, which can leave a player with bruises or welts, laser tag is painless because the Infrared lasers are safe for the eyes and body.

Each game lasts for eight minutes and can cater for up to 40 players.

The live-action scoring system also allows people waiting outside the arena to see who is winning.

Having played laser tag for almost three decades, Ben says there are lots of physical and social advantages.

“It’s a very physical sport in the fact you’re moving around a course non-stop for periods of time,” Ben says.

“If you have someone who loves games and technology, laser tag is electronic enough they can relate, but it also gets them moving, builds up a sweat, and socialising and interacting with others.

“I think it has a legitimate spot in our society because it can resolve some of the social challenges young people face, so that’s why I continue to support it.”

When you need a break from laser tag, Laserzone Brisbane offers more entertainment with its huge prize and retro arcade, plus bumper cars.

“In the arcade you will find a bunch of new games as well as the classic retro games like Mortal Kombat and Pacman, plus air hockey, driver games, shooter games and basketball,” Ben says.

“The kids love playing the new games, and the parents love playing all the old-school games that they might not have played since they were kids themselves.

“The bumper cars are also very popular because who doesn’t love bumper cars!”

Laserzone Brisbane also offers a league for people who want to play regularly. There are leagues for juniors, adults and even a homeschooling league for children.

There is also a licenced café serving tea, coffee, cold drinks, beers, spirits, hot snacks, fries, wedges, pizzas and share platters to satisfy hungry gamers.

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Passes lead to hours of fun 

Having run the business for close to 20 years, Ben understands the need to create a family-friendly activity that doesn’t hurt the hip pocket.

“I wanted to make laser tag fun and affordable for everyone, which is why we offer one and two hour passes, in addition to our general admission,” Ben says.

“A one-hour pass starts at $26 per person and a two-hour pass is $34.

“Each pass includes a certain number of laser tag games, plus a bumper car ride, access to the arcade and tickets to the yellow and blue games.

“Most entertainment venues offer cheap deals on a Friday night, so I have done that too with our four-hour Friday package. Come down after 5pm and play unlimited laser games, take one ride on the bumper cars, play unlimited purple and yellow games, plus play two blue games.”

Laserzone’s packages for birthday parties, corporate events and school holidays also offer great value for money.

“A lot of the bookings we do are for birthday parties – our catered party package is very popular with families,” Ben says.

“We can also cater for corporate businesses that are looking for a fun team-building experience. This can help break the ice if your group doesn’t know each other very well.

“I also know a lot of parents are looking for ways to entertain the kids during the school holidays, so I have catered for that too.

“We have a school holiday program that is held Monday to Friday where parents can drop off the kids between 9am-3pm and for $59 they get unlimited laser games, unlimited arcade games and three bumper car rides.”

To find out more, visit the Laserzone Brisbane website


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