Making new government work for Moreton Bay Region

Published 3:30pm 24 May 2022

Making new government work for Moreton Bay Region
Words by Moreton Daily
By Nick Crockford, Ashleigh Howarth and Kylie Knight

New Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has vowed to serve everyone, even those who voted against him and residents in the Moreton Bay Region will be counting on it, with their three re-elected MPs now in Opposition.

Moreton Daily asked Moreton Bay Regional Council how it will work with the MPs and the new Federal Government to ensure the region is not left behind.

We also sought responses from the MPs, who bucked the national trend and avoided big swings to The Greens, independents or Labor. There are now big question marks over funding pledges for dozens of projects – minor and major.

Council’s pledge

Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Peter Flannery says he looks forward to working with the new government.

“I know the government understands the enormous infrastructure needs here and I’m optimistic that we will quickly see more funding for our growing city,” Mayor Flannery says.

“Locals will remember Anthony Albanese as the Federal Transport Minister who took the Redcliffe Peninsula railway out of the ‘too hard’ basket to make that project a reality after 100 years of inaction, so he has already proven himself a friend of Moreton Bay.

“While the numbers are still being counted, I’m confident Anthony Chisholm will be returned to the Senate and I’d expect Albo to want him in Cabinet as a strong voice for Moreton Bay.

“Once voting is finalised, I look forward to working with the three federal members for Longman, Dickson, and Petrie.

“We are playing catch-up on infrastructure here in Moreton Bay and we need the new government’s support to get ahead of our growth, so I’m pleased with the commitments Labor made around the Bruce Highway, Bribie Island Rd and a range of local projects.

“Politically I think every politician at every level of government needs to see this election as an instruction to do better on the environment, and I’m proud to say that our Budget on June 17 will see much greater investment into environmental initiatives and protecting wildlife habitats.”

Making new government work for Moreton Bay Region
Federal Member for Longman Terry Young

Terry Young MP for Longman

Question marks now hang over almost $130 million of election pledges in the Longman electorate, which were dependent on the LNP being returned to government.

Terry Young, who is likely to win a second term as the LNP Federal Member, promised $100 million towards the $200m Buchanan Rd upgrade - if his party was re-elected.

Mr Young has decided not to comment on the Longman result until it is formally declared. However, his pre-election day pledges included:

McKean/Pettigrew/Mewett Sts, Caboolture – Intersection upgrade. Cost $6.11 million. Federal commitment $3.1 million

O'Mara Rd, Narangba – upgrade of O'Mara Rd. Cost $3.5 million. Federal commitment $1.75 million

Young and Oakey Flat Rds, Narangba – Intersection upgrade. Cost $8.3 million. Federal commitment $4.1 million

Old Gympie Rd - Fast-track upgrade Old Gympie Rd, Dakabin. 50/50 funding with Moreton Bay Regional Council. Cost $23.6 million. Federal commitment $11.8 million

Pumicestone Rd – construction of 650m of arterial road. Cost $5 million. Federal commitment $2.5 million

Bribie Island Bowls Club - $5 million towards redevelopment of the club

Bribie Tigers clubhouse - New 700sqm football clubhouse. Cost $1 million. Federal commitment $500,000

Woodford Warriors Netball Club - Upgrade two of the four courts. Cost $600,000. Federal commitment - $300,000

Narangba Demons – New LED lights. Federal commitment - $300,000

Bribie Island Tennis Club - New LED lighting. Federal commitment $60,000

Making new government work for Moreton Bay Region
Federal Member for Petrie Luke Howarth

Luke Howarth MP for Petrie

During the campaign, LNP sitting member for Petrie Luke Howarth made plenty of cash promises that would benefit local sporting clubs and potentially save a much-loved landmark building, however they were all dependent on a Morrison Government being re-elected on May 21.

While his party failed to form government, Mr Howarth was successful in retaining his seat, but must now campaign for his fair share of funding for the electorate while in Opposition.

Speaking to Moreton Daily, Mr Howarth believes voters bucked the trend to vote for Labor, The Greens or independents because of the LNP’s existing community connections.

“We are all hard-working representatives that work to connect and understand the people in our communities,” Mr Howarth says.

“We all come from working-class backgrounds and never take our position for granted. 
We live here, we raise our families here, we have strong connections here.

“The majority of people in our electorates (also) liked the LNP policies; strong borders, boosting defence, lower taxes, more training and opportunities, using super to buy a first home.”

Mr Howarth’s pre-election day pledges included:

Dolphins NRL High Performance Centre, Redcliffe - $15 million. Joint project with the Dolphins NRL and Redcliffe Leagues Club

Restore or rebuild Suttons Beach Pavilion - $5 million. Joint project with Moreton Bay Regional Council

Redcliffe Padres, Redcliffe Leagues Softball Clubhouse - $1 million. Joint 50/50 project with Moreton Bay Regional Council

New female change rooms at Aspley Hornets Football Club - $1 million. Joint project with the club.

A new women’s change room facility for the Redcliffe Tigers AFL club - $750,000. Joint 50/50 project with Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Toilet block upgrades to Bald Hills Memorial Hall - $230,000. Joint project with Brisbane City Council, State Government and The Bald Hills Committee

Lighting upgrade at AJ Kelly Park - $100,000. Joint project with Peninsula Power Football Club

Aspley Memorial Bowls Club - permanent cover over second green - Joint project with the club

Despite the LNP not receiving enough votes to form government, Mr Howarth says he will lobby the Prime Minister to ensure Petrie gets its fair share of funding during the next three years.

“Every project that I committed to had strong grassroots support and would have strengthened our community,” Mr Howarth says.

“Life is about relationships, and I always work constructively to get the best outcomes for the community. I will seek face-to-face meetings with the new Prime Minister and his Cabinet to ask that the fast-growing Moreton Bay Region gets its fair share of funding.

“I will hold them to good policies for Petrie people. With Labor at the wheel federally and at state there is nowhere to hide for the Palaszczuk Labor State Government. The blame game with roads and health is over.”

Mr Howarth also says he will also continue his fight to save the Sutton’s Beach Pavilion.

“I have already had meetings with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and the Suttons Beach Pavilion Preservation Group,” he says.

“The project offers jobs and tourism opportunities to the area.”

When asked what he thinks the LNP needs to do in the future to regain the trust and confidence of voters following a shift in the political sphere, Mr Howarth says: “at the time of writing there was 71.6 per cent of the vote counted. The LNP party only exists in Queensland, and we held all seats except inner city seats of Ryan and Brisbane which fell to the Greens. Labor lost Griffith to the Greens as well.

“People can make their own minds up as to why voters living in the affluent, inner-city seats on or around the Brisbane River turned to The Greens.

“The LNP MPs provide a voice for the aspirational, practical, realistic and hard-working Australians, and we haven’t bought in to the extreme ideologies. We have never forgotten that people need secure jobs, opportunities, less red tape and cheaper energy bills. People should remember the Extinction Rebellion green protests that brought Brisbane CBD to a standstill.”

Moving on from the weekend, Mr Howarth thanked his constituents for returning him to the job.

“I will never take this position as your Federal MP for granted and will continue to listen, learn and fight for the community,” he says.

“Delivering on commitments to the community is my greatest priority. The Deception Bay synthetic track and TLC swimming pool is underway and will be delivered.

“The roads funding for the Gateway, Beams and Linkfield Rd overpasses and Griffin on and off ramps is ready and waiting and I will continue to pressure for delivery by the State Government.”

Making new government work for Moreton Bay Region
Federal Member for Dickson Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton MP for Dickson

At this stage, Peter Dutton is shaping up to be the only candidate for the Liberal Party’s leadership. A ballot will be held at its party room meeting which is expected to be held once all Senate and House of Representative results have been declared.

Mr Dutton says he is committed to working for locals and wants the Albanese Government to fund local projects.

"I have worked for my local community from both Government and opposition," he says.

"I know the new Ministers and I won’t be afraid to continue to fight for our local community.

"There are great community groups who desperately deserve funding and I expect the Albanese Government to fund those projects."

Mr Dutton’s pre-election day pledges included:

Intersection upgrade South Pine Rd, Pimelea St, Camelia Ave and Montague Crt, Everton Hills - $2.6 million

Cribb Rd upgrade at entrance to South Pine Sports Complex – $1.3 million

ACE Netball - $250,000 for court upgrades

The Hills District PCYC - $385,000 to upgrade facilities

Samford Riding for the Disabled - $140,000 for new toilet block

Bray Park State High School - $2 million towards a new sports centre

Pine Rivers Men’s Shed - $32,000 towards new break area


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