Moreton Bay nurse to live out dream of travelling to Africa to help sick people

Published 9:00am 28 August 2022

Moreton Bay nurse to live out dream of travelling to Africa to help sick people
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

A nurse who has long dreamt of travelling to Africa to help sick people will be heading on a trip of a lifetime to Kenya in November after being accepted as a volunteer on the Nurses in Action program with World Youth International.

Bethany Arbuckle, from Ocean View, will be part of a small team of nurses heading to Odede - a village community in Western Kenya - to support and provide care to low-socio economic and disadvantaged communities.

Some of the programs Bethany will be involved in include the running of a mobile medical camp in a rural community where she will be providing free medical assistance to approximately 150 to 300 people in one day, treating those who would otherwise not have access to medical facilities.

Bethany will also have the opportunity to take part in clinical placements in the delivery of home-based care to the chronically ill and the elderly, as well as education and awareness campaigns about issues such as HIV/AIDS, hygiene, sanitation, child and maternal healthcare, preventative health and family planning services.

Speaking to Moreton Daily after her shift working at the Brighton Health Campus, Bethany said she felt privileged to go and help people who might not otherwise have access to medical care.

“I have always wanted to go and work overseas ever since I became a nurse, which was 13 years ago,” she said.

“I knew I wanted to be a nurse since I was about 4, and it’s a job I love.

“We are so privileged with where we live and what services we have access to, especially in our health care system, so I want to share my knowledge and give these people access to services that they might not have.

“Whether it’s helping them with something simple like dressing wounds or sharing my knowledge, it is going to be so rewarding.

“Being able to teach is a true gift in making this world a better place and changing people's lives.

“I truly believe knowledge is power and cannot wait to apply my skills on a global scale while learning a new exciting culture.

“I’m also really excited about meeting the people and seeing their big happy smiles, because they are so grateful for anything, no matter how big or small.”

While this is the first time Bethany has participated in the program, she has no doubt in her mind that she will apply again.

She would also like to encourage other nurses to think about applying.

“I say go for it! We are so lucky in nursing to have lots of opportunities to work in different areas,” Bethany says.

“The world really is your oyster so go for it - do something good.”

You can read more about Bethany’s mission here.

How to apply

Nurses in Action is a team program which provides a unique, powerful and immersive experience for volunteers. The program is held over 3 weeks (Nepal) or 4 weeks (Kenya) and allows nurses and allied health professionals aged 18 - 65 to provide primary healthcare services to people living in remote communities.

The program is open to nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.

For more information about the Nurses in Action program, visit the website.


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