Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget: Divisions 1-3 highlights

Published 10:25am 17 June 2022

Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget: Divisions 1-3 highlights
Words by Kylie Knight

Division 1

Councillor Brooke Savige says the Budget is a strategic investment in lifestyle, to protect the local character and environment in the face of population growth.

“I’m pleased to say that Council’s 2022/23 Budget will be adding to our list of great public places, with streetscaping and revitalisation projects, while also ensuring essential infrastructure like roads and footpaths continue to receive the attention expected by the community,” Cr Savige says.

“I’m excited to say that the Bongaree Jetty precinct and streetscape will see some much-needed investment to retain its important tourism role.

“First Ave will be getting a $935,000 facelift including a new-look intersection, landscaping, pathway lighting upgrades, new street furniture and wayfinding signage.

“Located adjacent the iconic Bongaree Jetty, the intersection at Welsby Pde is arguably one of the most well-known and used by both locals and visitors alike, so it’s important to create an attractive streetscape that better connects the foreshore parkland and surrounding businesses to car parking.

“Nearby Brennan Park will get a $1.1m upgrade to maintain its reputation as a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, and I thank the many community members who shared their thoughts and suggestions as part of the community engagement process.”

Among the improvements will be new seating, picnic facilities and play walls, upgrades to park pathways and garden beds, as well as a new play facility for teenagers.

“And thanks to support provided by the Australian Government, Banksia Beach’s Cosmos Park will be transformation to the tune of $1.45m,” Cr Savige says.

“Its new playground, exercise equipment, half-basketball court, landscaping, seats and drinking fountains will deliver yet another outdoor recreation option for families to enjoy.

“The Australian Government is also supporting the creation of an additional 72 car parks, as well as new landscaping, lighting and fencing, at the Bribie Island Sports Complex in line with the site’s masterplan.

“Also, thanks to federal funding we will be getting $100,000 worth of new exercise equipment at Oxley Place Park at Sandstone Point as well as the construction of a $150,000 playground along Corymbia Way in Banksia Beach.”

More than $1.3m will be spent resurfacing more than 4.2km of roads across Division 1, with works at Donnybrook Rd at Toorbul, Oxley Way at Woorim and Leahy Road at Caboolture among the 14 projects.

“Next year’s traffic and transport projects include a new raised pedestrian crossing at Sunderland Drive and Faraday St, Bellara, as well as relocating the bus lay over and installing a new pedestrian crossing outside the Bribie Cove Aged Care and Retirement Village,” Cr Savige says.

“About 790m of footpath will be replaced along the Toorbul foreshore, from Freeman Rd to Carnegie St, while at Woorim a 335m stretch along the eastern side of North St between Second Ave and Fourth Ave will be replaced.

“I am pleased to say we’ll also be filling the 330m missing link on the Gidya Ave pathway at Bongaree, and completing the 575m footpath along Bestmann Road East at Sandstone Point to provide a safe connection to nearby bus stops and encourage walking and cycling.”

The 2022/23 Budget will mark the start of the replacement of pontoons on the Bongaree Jetty, including repairs to the existing pontoon piles aiming to be completed in 2023/24.

“Other coastal works include the establishment of a new 35m groyne at Sunset Park at Banksia Beach, to help reduce the accumulation of sand at the southern entrance to Pacific Harbour, and the replacement of the existing seawall west of the Toorbul Community Centre,” Cr Savige says.

“We’re also investing in the care of local environmental areas by installing access stairs ($275k) at Buckleys Hole, installing a floating litter trap at Sylvan Beach ($128k) and creating two new access tracks to assist maintenance of the Bibimulya Wetland at Bellara.”

Budget highlights for Division 1

• $1.45m for park upgrades at Cosmos Park, Banksia Beach

• $1.3m for road resurfacing

• $1.1m to upgrade Brennan Park, Bongaree

• $1m for a carpark upgrade at Bribie Island Sports Complex, Bongaree, with funding from the Federal Government

• $935,000 for intersection works and placemaking enhancements to First Ave/Welsby Pde

• $450,000 to upgrade amenities at Anzac Memorial Park, Bongaree

• $275,000 for park upgrades at Sylvan Beach Boat Ramp precinct

• $265,000 to provide staircase access to Buckleys Hole Conservation Park, Bongaree

• $250,000 to renew water services at the Bongaree Caravan Park

• $205,000 for a fire services upgrade at the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre

• $100,000 for new exercise equipment at Oxley Place Park, Sandstone Point

• $150,000 to construct a playground at Corymbia Way, Banksia Beach.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget: Divisions 1-3 highlights

Division 2

Within two short decades at least 200,000 more people will move to the Moreton Bay Region and about 45,000 of them will call Division 2 home.

Councillor Mark Booth says this year’s record $816 million Budget was about increasing infrastructure investment to ensure the lifestyle locals love isn’t just preserved but enhanced.

“Testament to this was the massive $10 million we invested in local roads and intersections last year to improve road networks from Deception Bay and Burpengary out to Morayfield and Narangba,” he says.

“So, I’m proud to be building on that track record of delivery this year, in fact in just a few days we’ll be unveiling the $500,000 streetscaping makeover of Biggs Ave in Beachmere, which was supported with funding from the Federal Government.

“And we’ll be investing $1.9 million resurfacing 3.62km of road around Division 2, in problem spots that have been reported to us by the community. Now we’ve heard the overwhelming feedback of locals that we need to do more for our environment in the face of growth, and we’re acting on that.

“Our tree plantings will ramp-up by around 30 per cent this financial year with 210,500 trees to be planted (up from 160,000 in 2021-22) to really live our mantra: Going Green As We Grow.

“That said the biggest portion of the Budget is again dedicated to our roads and transport networks, with $174.2 million allocated to projects around Moreton Bay to ensure our region keeps moving.”

Cr Booth says the project closest to his heart was at the smaller end of spending, with $40,000 dedicated to installing a new flood warning system at Burpengary Creek on Morayfield Rd.

“Locals will remember the tragic drowning here back in 2015. The new flood road sensor here will automatically trigger illuminated signs to provide immediate warning to road users in the event of road flooding, as well as providing real time information on the flood status of the creek through our emergency systems.

“I want locals to know we’re taking action on the things you’ve raised with me, like hooning. So, we’ll have a new portable CCTV trailer with licence plate recognition rolling out. So, if you’re aware of any hot spots in your neighbourhood, please get in touch so we can try and catch offenders in the act.”

Cr Booth says council is a investing $385,000 to improve active transport links along Station Rd, Burpengary, towards the library, where it will create a $175,000 outdoor courtyard accessible from the children’s area to make this a more family friendly space. This is in partnership with the Federal Government.

“We’re proud to be delivering a new $155,000 Ninja Warrior Course at Clayton Park in Beachmere, off the park of the incredibly popular one we built this year in Burpengary’s Symphony Park,” he says.

“I hope this will see more families heading to beautiful Beachmere, where we’ll also be doing a major $1.05 million overhaul of Mazlin Park with funding from the State Government to turn this into a waterfront wedding venue - which will be a massive boon for the caravan park across the road.

“Finally I want to mention that we’ll be delivering a $120,000 pathway in Morayfield all the way from the bus stop adjacent to 94 Graham Rd down to Hoad St. This will be 2m wide to improve accessibility and connectivity in this area, as requested by locals.

Budget highlights for Division 2

• $6.5 million over two years for stage two of the soccer facilities at Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex, Burpengary (Including Federal Government funding)

• $2 million for road rehabilitation for the Eastern Service Rd, Burpengary East

• $1.95 million for road and intersection upgrades on Graham Rd, Morayfield

• $1.05 million to overhaul Mazlin Park in Beachmere as a waterfront wedding venue (Including State Government funding)

• $770,000 for road rehabilitation along Glenwood Drive, Morayfield

• $560,000 to install new lights and CCTV at the Burpengary Sports Complex

• $385,000 for active transport improvements along Station Rd in Burpengary (Including Federal Government funding)

• $175,000 to create an outdoor courtyard at the Burpengary Library

• $155,000 for a Ninja Warrior Course at Clayton Park, Beachmere

• $40,000 for a flood warning system at Burpengary Creek on Morayfield Rd

Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget: Divisions 1-3 highlights

Division 3

The 2022-23 Budget is a coming-of-age moment for the Caboolture and Morayfield area with plenty of key infrastructure and lifestyle upgrades being delivered and planned to protect lifestyle of locals in the face of population growth.

Councillor Adam Hain (Div 3), who previously dubbed Caboolture the comeback kid of South East Queensland, says it’s just about the centre of the SEQ universe now with so much work going on.

“It’s time for the comeback kid to mature and take its place as one of the best places in South East Queensland for people of all ages to move to and enjoy,” he says.

“One of my big-ticket items will be to finally solve the traffic issues around the top of the Morayfield Shopping Centre by totally revamping William Berry Drive and Dickson St intersection.

“This $3.6 million project over two years includes intersection upgrades, widening of turning lanes, road rehabilitation, pedestrian upgrades and beautification works to make the area much more user friendly.

“And we’re now literally playing for sheep stations with $1.5 million worth of upgrades to Morayfield Skate Park at Sheep Station Creek Park that will be built and completed during the 2022-23 financial year.

“This was once in the top skate facilities in South East Queensland and it will now be up there in rankings again.

“We are also getting on with major road rehab at Bellmere Rd ($1.7 million), Lynfield Drive ($1 million), Henzell Rd (900,000), and Riverview St ($715,000) thanks to funding from the Federal Government.

“But the biggest news in the local traffic world this year is the brand new $1 million set of lights at the intersection of Torrens Rd and River Drive, the residents at Living Gems will be jumping for joy.”

Council will invest $450,000 in Dances Road Sportsgrounds to renew two softball outfields, with funding from the Federal Government.

“This budget is about getting down to business in Division 3 and delivering infrastructure, and sports and recreation upgrades to enhance our lifestyle for years to come.”

Budget Highlights for Division 3

• $1.7 million for road rehabilitation at Bellmere Rd, Bellmere

• $1.5 million to upgrade Morayfield Skate Park at Sheep Station Creek Park

• $1.5 million for road rehabilitation at Lynfield Drive, Caboolture

• $1 million for road rehabilitation and intersection upgrades at William Berry Drive, Morayfield

• $1 million for intersection upgrades at Torrens Rd/River Drive

• $900,000 for road rehabilitation at Henzell Rd, Caboolture

• $715,000 for road rehabilitation at Riverview St, Caboolture

• $450,000 for softball field renewals at Dances Road Sportsgrounds, with contribution from the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program

• $450,000 to construct a vandal-proof public toilet block in Bluebell Street Park, Caboolture

• $400,000 for active transport upgrades at Morayfield Rd, Morayfield, with contribution from the State Government’s South East Queensland Community Stimulus Program


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