Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget: Divisions 7-9 highlights

Published 10:35am 17 June 2022

Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget: Divisions 7-9 highlights
Words by Jodie Powell

Division 7

Critical road projects and community facilities will be the big winners in this year’s Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget, according to Division 7 Councillor Yvonne Barlow.

“We have an expectation that living in Moreton Bay comes with a relaxed lifestyle and open spaces, and that we won’t have the kinds of traffic issues found in the big cities,” she says.

“So Council is biting the bullet and making major investments to fix our traffic bottlenecks, including a combined total of almost $7.2 million to kick-start a bigger $82.4 million upgrade of Old Gympie Rd.”

Cr Barlow says the work will be done in series of prioritised stages, starting with the Old Gympie Rd intersection with Boundary Rd at Dakabin.

“In the coming 12 months, you’ll see construction start, including new traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, bike lanes and landscaping, which will improve safety, increase traffic flow and reduce delays.

“We are also starting work on other sections of Old Gympie Rd, with design work and moving services such as powerlines, drainage and fences.

“Once this work has been completed, you’ll see construction in stages, with upgrades at major intersections, traffic lights, widening from two to four lanes, bike lanes and drainage improvements.”

Cr Barlow says the work will make a big difference to traffic flow.

“We know that we also need to fix the major roads that feed into Old Gympie Rd. so a big-ticket item in the budget is an upgrade for Alma Rd in Dakabin, starting with the Marsden Rd intersection,” she says.

“We have $1.3 million set aside to install traffic lights, add traffic lanes and median strips between lanes, construct bike lanes and complete the work with landscaping.

“The Federal Government has committed to funding part of this project so we will have a completed project in two or three years that will keep the residents of Dakabin moving.”

Cr Barlow says she is keen to inject a greater sense of community in the area.

“I’m excited to announce we’ve begun organising a new Christmas Carols event here especially for locals - it will be called the Murrumba Christmas Spectacular,” she says.

“It will be at John Oxley Reserve in Murrumba Downs to celebrate all the amazing schools, sporting groups, and community service organisations that make our suburbs such a wonderful place to live.

“It will have the added benefit of showcasing how our renovations at John Oxley are going.”

Cr Barlow says the scout den was recently completed and the focus would now turn to ensuring the Little Athletics and soccer clubs have the same access to modern and fit-for-purpose facilities.

“Budget 2022-23 has an initial $185,000 as part of a bigger $3.5 million project for a multi-purpose building at the reserve, a storage shed, lighting, turf, irrigation, seating, gazebos and landscaping.

“The two big projects at the reserve are the $1 million multi-purpose building with a kiosk, public amenities, office and storage space and a 3000 sqm parkland space with signage, pathways, seating and barbecue shelters.

“It’s the first phase of a staged John Oxley Reserve Master Plan that will make sure the reserve meets the future demands of the community in what we know is a growth area for families.”

Cr Barlow says there’s funding for playground equipment, amenities and picnic sites along Fresh Water Creek at Kallangur, fitness equipment at Garrong Reserve, Dakabin, and tree planting and wildlife fencing at Black Duck Creek at Murrumba Downs.

Budget highlights for Division 7

  • $5.2 million to upgrade the intersection of Old Gympie and Boundary roads at Dakabin
  • $1.3 million in 2022-23 to upgrade the Alma and Marsden roads intersection in Dakabin, as part of a larger $4.7 million project including Federal Government funding
  • $700,000 to begin upgrading a section of Old Gympie Rd, Kallangur, between Viney Ave and Highet St
  • $500,000 to begin upgrading a section of Old Gympie Rd, Dakabin, between Alma and Goodwin roads
  • $341,674 to upgrade parkland along Fresh Water Creek, Kallangur
  • $300,000 for wildlife fencing, including for koalas, and tree planting at the Dohles Rocks Rd crossing of Black Duck Creek, Murrumba Downs
  • $200,000 to begin upgrading a section of Old Gympie Rd, Kallangur, between Nellies Lane and Whitehorse Rd
  • $150,000 for new fitness equipment at Garrong Reserve, Dakabin
Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget: Divisions 7-9 highlights

Division 8

Safer roads, increased flood mitigation, and greater investment in community sports are the priorities for Division 8 in this year’s Council Budget, Cr Mick Gillam says.

Cr Gillam says understands concerns about population growth and wants to ensure families spend less time in the car and more time either at home or outdoors playing sport.

“We all choose to live in Moreton Bay for different reasons, but what unites us is our local lifestyle and that’s what I want to protect as this area grows,” Cr Gillam says.

“We have a good balance, with road upgrades, new cycling and pedestrian paths to get people exercising, safe crossings to protect our wildlife and investment in parks, clubhouses and community centres.

“A major investment is an initial $30 million for road and bridge construction at Youngs Crossing Rd in Petrie so that we can build a four-lane divided roadway above the flood level, pedestrian paths and bikeways on both sides, and finish it off with landscaping.”

Cr Gillam says the work is part of a bigger two-year project that has more than $32 million in Federal Government funding and will keep the traffic moving regardless of weather and dam releases into the North Pine River.

“We also have a $9.8 million two-year project to replace the roundabout at the busy intersection of Francis Rd, Sparkes Rd and Ellis St at Lawnton, with an initial $1 million invested in 2022-23 thanks to Federal Government support.

“Within two years, you’ll see a safer intersection, with traffic lights, turning lanes, bike lanes, wider pedestrian paths and landscapes.

“There is $887,000 for road resurfacing at Old North Rd in Bray Park to give our residents a smoother commute - thanks to the Federal Government for chipping in.

Work to reduce congestion and improve safety will continue at Beeville Rd, Petrie, with $700,000 to widen the road, fix stormwater drainage and install traffic lights at the Frenchs Rd intersection.

“We also have $1.3 million to get people outside and enjoying Ron Thomason Park in Lawnton, with shared bike and pedestrian pathways that connect North Pine River, One Mile Creek and Mungarra Reserve through to Todds Rd.

“With all the recent rain, we are prioritising stormwater drainage works, including $470,000 for Francis Rd in Bray Park and $230,000 at Wyllie St in Petrie.

“We also want to keep our wildlife safe, so we are spending $500,000 at Four Mile Creek on fencing, rope bridge and planting.”

Cr Gillam says the Budget also delivering for community groups and sporting bodies.

“We have another $750,000 to continue demolition at Strathpine’s Rob Akers Reserve and construction of a fit-for-purpose AFL clubhouse with a club room, dining area, office, undercover spectator area and tiered seating with assistance from the State Government.

“Work is also ongoing at the Strathpine Community Centre, with $255,000 to upgrade of the power supply capacity.

“I have been speaking to residents about the centre and am pleased to report that work to improve accessibility at entrances, toilets and in the parking lot has been completed ahead of schedule.”

Budget highlights for Division 8

  • $30 million to begin road and bridge construction at Youngs Crossing Rd between Petrie and Joyner. The project will take two years and is made possible by more than $32 million in Federal Government funding.
  • $1.3 million for construction of a shared pathway at Ron Thomason Park, Lawnton thanks to the State Government
  • $1 million in 2022-23 upgrading the intersection of Francis Rd, Sparkes Rd and Ellis St, Lawnton, as part of a larger $9.8 million project with Federal Government assistance
  • $887,000 to resurface OId North Rd, Bray Park with Federal Government assistance
  • $750,000 to continue demolition and rebuilding of the AFL clubhouse at Rob Akers Reserve, Strathpine with State Government assistance
  • $700,000 to complete an upgrade at Beeville Rd, Petrie
  • $500,000 for safe wildlife crossings at Gympie Rd, Lawnton
  • $470,000 to upgrade drainage at Francis Rd, Bray Park
  • $255,250 for upgrading the power system at the Strathpine Community Centre
  • $230,000 for a stormwater renewal project at Wyllie St, Petrie
Moreton Bay Regional Council Budget: Divisions 7-9 highlights

Division 9

More trees, more habitat, and more environmental protections will deliver better wildlife links through Division 9, according to Cr Cath Tonks.

She says Council’s ‘Going Green as We Grow’ mantra is in direct response to feedback from locals, and will deliver critical road upgrades with wildlife fencing.

“I know residents want to see responsible and sustainable action to keep Division 9 moving with new and better roads, but want to protect wildlife and keep the suburbs green and liveable,” she says.

“Wildlife protection and tree planting are important elements of a $1 million road upgrade at the Leitchs Rd crossing of Conflagration Creek in Brendale, designed to improve pedestrian safety and remove a traffic pinch-point.

“We’re continuing the work on fauna crossings we started in Division 9 this financial year, with another $610,000 in 2022-23 for koala-proof fencing, rope bridges, and ledges on Samsonvale Rd in Joyner thanks to Federal Government assistance.”

Cr Tonks says Council will spend $100,000 on tree planting, fencing and fauna escape poles for Edward D Allison Park in Eatons Hill as part of a bigger $400,000 project.

“Locals have told me they want more trees and better recreation infrastructure in local parks.

“So we are investing $250,000 in pathways, fitness equipment, seating and tree planting as part of a second stage of upgrades at Frank Nichols Park in Warner, as well as another $120,000 into a picnic shelter and play equipment at Chandler Reserve in Joyner.”

She says a safe pathway will be built this year to improve access for cyclists and walkers at the South Pine Rd entrance to the South Pine Sports Complex.

“This is something locals have long asked for and is absolutely needed here. I am so proud to be able to deliver this project for the community.

“Construction will also start on another missing pathway link in Brendale, between Kremzow Rd and Old North Rd.”

An internal pathway loop will be built at HT Ireland Reserve for scooters, walkers and joggers, and access to the dog park will also be improved as part of the project.

“We are also creating public spaces for residents at Albany Creek, with $422,000 to acquire land for Albany Creek Civic District Park next to the civic centre to be used for community and business events, social interaction and improving the amenity.

“A combined total of more than $1 million is being invested in projects along Kremzow Rd, at Girrah St in Brendale, Gordons Crossing Rd East and Regent St in Joyner, Saraband Dve in Eatons Hill and Maud St in Albany Creek.”

Budget Highlights for Division 9

  • $16.6 million for work on sporting fields, a clubhouse, landscaping, road upgrades, car parking and stormwater drainage at South Pine Sporting Complex, Brendale
  • $2.5 million to acquire land for the Youngs Crossing Rd bridge in Joyner, with federal funding
  • $1.2 million to fit out for storing gallery and museum collections at a commercial site at Brendale
  • $1 million to upgrade Leitchs Rd across Conflagration Creek, Brendale
  • $800,000 for tiered seating for AFL matches at South Pine Sports Complex, Brendale
  • $610,000 for wildlife crossings to protect koalas at Samsonvale Rd, Joyner
  • $565,000 for new hockey field lighting at the South Pine Sports Complex, Brendale
  • $422,000 to acquire land to create Albany Creek Civic District Park and improve the amenity around the civic centre
  • $420,000 to upgrade amenities at England Park, Brendale
  • $295,000 to resurface Folkstone Avenue, Albany Creek

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