Move over Dance Mums

Published 4:52pm 23 November 2021

Move over Dance Mums
Words by Kylie Knight

Ever wondered what the equivalent of dance mums is? It’s not these dance dads that’s for sure. They’ll be hitting the stage this weekend as part of Jam Performing Arts’ end of year shows.

The group of 15 dads, who call themselves The Ballretas, have children at Jam Performing Arts but have also been ‘perfecting’ their own routine for the dance concert at Redcliffe Entertainment Centre on Saturday, November 27, with shows at 11am, 2pm and 6.30pm.

They have been rehearsing the production number, not to be confused with a dance number, for the past six weeks and promise to bring a parody of the 80s film Top Gun to life with soundtrack favourites.

Jam Performing Arts Director Michael Edge says a dance dads’ performance has been part of most, if not all, Jam Performing Arts’ end of year shows.

He says pulling it all together builds a strong sense of camaraderie among the dads and reflects the family-orientated nature of the academy.

“They’ve even done dance eisteddfods and they’ve been at the pub when a song has come on and they’ve done their routine,” Michael says.

He is part of the ensemble, but definitely not the lead dancer.

“I just count them in up the back,” he says.

So, what can audiences expect from the performances to be staged just before the big finale at each show?

“A stomach ache! They might encourage their husbands out there as well (to get involved). There’s good old soundtrack tunes that people will enjoy,” he says.

Stellar line-up

More than 200 students will showcase their talents during the shows, with something for everyone. From the youngest aged just two-years-old through to the dads, who class themselves as mature-aged, all genres will be featured – jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre and acrobatics.

Studio principal Danica Edge said: “The families all come together to make the concert happen with the mums helping out with sewing and fitting costumes, the dads making props and the kids eager to show what they have learnt during the year – even if it was a little tricky at times when they had to use lounge rooms and garages as their home studios.”

“Photo day last Saturday was a bit hectic being the first time we had all the costumes ready for rehearsals and the need to ensure everyone had a costume and everything stayed in place.

“Some of the mums were still sewing into the early hours of the morning before returning a few hours later to help with dressing and hair and make-up changes for the photos.”

Jam Performing Arts was one of the first dance schools to open in North Lakes 15 years ago and has gone from strength to strength.

For anyone interested in trying out classes before joining the Jam Family, there is an Open Week of free classes for all ages starting from November 29. Email [email protected] or phone 1300 720 650 to register.

For ticket sales of the end of year dance concerts head to:

Mini Jammers Show – A Day at the Zoo

Senior Concert – Heroes & Villains

Move over Dance Mums


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