Musical opportunities strike a chord with students

Published 5:00am 14 June 2024

Musical opportunities strike a chord with students
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

The sound of music is well and truly alive at Bray Park State High School, with the school recording an increase in the number of students keen to take their talent to the next level.

Close to 120 talented young musicians and singers are now involved in the school’s Co-Curricular Music Program, compared with 80 students several years ago.

Robert Adamson, who is Head of the Arts Department and a talented pianist, says he’s thrilled to see more students interested in the ensembles and programs on offer.

“We have a wonderful Arts Program here at Bray Park and a number of talented and specialist music teachers who are dedicated to ensuring the students follow their passion,” Robert says.

“Our Co-Curricular Music Program is an extra-curricular activity for those students who want to master their instrument outside of normal music classes.

“As part of the Co-Curricular Music Program we have four main ensembles – Vocal, Wind, String and Jazz Band.

“Students meet with their teacher once a week to rehearse, and of course many of them practice for hours at home too.

“One unique aspect at our school is our Vocal Ensemble. Most primary schools would have a choir, but it’s not something you see too often at high school.

“We were blown away at the beginning of the year to find we had 50 kids interested in the Vocal Ensemble, which is more than previous years.”

These up-and-coming musicians perform at a range of community events such as Anzac Day, and have been invited to entertain residents at aged care facilities.

Students also have the chance to show what they have learnt throughout the year at the school’s annual chamber and vocal showcase nights, which are held in late August, as well as a gala evening at the end of the year.

One of the highlights on the school calendar for music students is RevFest – an event held in October that allows them the chance to live out their rockstar fantasies in a festival-like environment.

It also provides the school’s tech crew with the chance to learn and implement all the elements that go into making a great show including lights, smoke machines and video.

“RevFest is held during lunch every day for a week, and it’s a great experience for them to get up on stage and hear the crowd roar,” Robert says.

“Our school is really supportive of the arts, which is evident during events like RevFest, which is something I am really proud of.”

Musical opportunities strike a chord with students

Excellence Program nurtures future artists

Primary students who wish to continue learning music in high school are encouraged to apply for Bray Park’s Music Excellence Program.

This is an accelerated classroom music program for students entering Year 7 who demonstrate excellence in their instrument of choice, including voice.

“Through this program, Bray Park tailors the content and musical complexity to suit students who already know how to play an instrument and takes them above the standard music content and skills taught at other high schools,” Robert says.

“It is in this program they will engage in a variety of tasks such as performing music, composing their own original songs, and learning about music across a wide range of genres and styles.

“It is a great class to teach because all the students are like-minded and are really engaged in their lessons.”

The program is audition-based, with students required to perform a piece of music as well as complete a theory and aural entrance exam.

More information can be found in the school’s enrolment pack, or phone the school on 3881 6666.

Images courtesy of Renae Droop, RDW Photography


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