New scooter rules rolling out

Published 9:00am 19 October 2022

New scooter rules rolling out
Words by Jodie Powell

Scooter riders face stiff penalties for breaking new laws that take effect from November 1.

Under the new rules, designed to boost safety for riders and pedestrians, using a mobile phone while riding could attract a fine of $1078, while being nabbed speeding carries fines of up to $575.

Moreton District Crime Prevention Co-ordinator Senior-Constable Danielle Grauf says the changes will also place age restrictions on riders.

“From November 1 you’ll have to be 16 years and over to ride by yourself,” Sen-Constable Grauf says.

“You can use them if you’re 12 and above with an adult present, but if you’re under 12 you can’t ride them.”

Having more than one person on a scooter will also be banned.

Changing speed

Sen-Constable Grauf says it will be compulsory for electric scooters to have lights and a rear reflector, while all mobility devices with handlebars must be fitted with a bell.

|“It’s about safety and putting some parameters because there’s been no rules and there’s been so many crashes and accidents,” Sen- Constable Grauf says.|

“The speed limit will be changing as well - on shared footpath next to a road, it will be 12kmh as a maximum.

“If you’re on the Esplanade at Redcliffe or somewhere like that where bikes can go, 25kmh will be the maximum.”

Safety first

New scooter rules rolling out

Sen-Constable Grauf says riding a scooter is a lot of fun, but safety should always come first.

“A helmet is the minimum you have to have for your safety,” she says.

“You have to look at it like you’re riding a motorbike – you dress for the fall, with elbow and knee pads and gloves.”

To help people familiarise themselves with riding safely Moreton Bay police will host an E-Scooter education and awareness event at Clontarf in November, with a free barbecue from the Redcliffe Coast Guard for the first 100 riders, stalls, a ride led by ScootMasters and raffle prizes to be won.

Great prizes

First prize is a Bolzzen e-scooter donated by Bolzzen and safety gear including a helmet and gloves donated by ScootMasters. Scooter Bros are also sponsoring the event.

The Coast Guard will also attend the event, along with PCYC, which is looking for volunteers for the Braking the Cycle program which helps learner drivers without a driving supervisor or vehicle to complete their logbook hours.

“ScootMasters are one of the biggest and fastest-growing e-scooter groups in north Brisbane,” Sen-Constable Grauf says.

“They’ll lead a ride from Pelican Park to Scarborough and back, with pitstops to collect raffle tickets along the way.

“If you do the whole ride you will get three entries.”

Sen-Constable Grauf says tickets will also be available for $2 or three for $5 with money donated to the Coastguard.

The e-scooter education event is at Pelican Park at Clontarf on Saturday, November 12 from 10am-2pm.


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