New single makes its mark

Published 1:07pm 27 September 2022

New single makes its mark
Words by Jodie Powell

Josh Setterfield’s relishing the chance to be back in front of live audiences – and loving the opportunity to play new tunes to a crowd again.

The Kallangur musician released his latest single, Blow Our Cover this month, with the video due out tomorrow.

It’s the sequel to last year’s hit Right About Now and was produced in collaboration with Canadian songwriters Craig Brooks and Jesse Slack.

“The really cool thing about this song is we’re using the same team,” Setterfield says.

“It’s a continuation - I’m a big believer in that - I’ve found my team that I like to work with.”

Country vibe

Setterfield says Blow Our Cover touches on the risqué topic of forbidden love.

|“It’s a bit of a risky topic,” he laughs, declaring it’s not autobiographical.|

“Not really. It’s been written from previous experience with a lot of people.

“It’s a story about wanting to be with someone you’re not supposed to be with, but when you are, it’s a great feeling.”

The video clip was filmed at Brisbane venue Suzie Wong’s in an epic 15-hour day of shooting.

“It fit the country vibe we were going for,” Setterfield explains.

“In the video it’s turned into a story about finding someone you hadn’t seen for a while and realising you still have feelings and they’re with someone else.”

Home projects

COVID lockdowns led to Setterfield creating his own paradise at home – Setterland’s Barcade - kitted out with arcade games and lights fashioned from an old drumkit.

|“That was my COVID project – I couldn’t go out so I created a venue at home.”|

It’s getting less use now he’s back on the road – most recently touring with Casey Barnes.

“It kind of feels like life is back, to be honest,” he says.

On the road

“I’ve been doing a lot of touring, a massive tour with Casey Barnes.

“It’s absolutely amazing. I have a real love for that man – he’s a down to earth guy.

“To be on tour with someone you really get along with is such a great dynamic.

“I’m very, very stoked to be able to play shows with him.”

In between touring and writing new songs Setterfield’s also launched JSTV, showing fans what life on the road’s like – on stage and behind the scenes.

“JSTV started off as us putting videos online of our adventures,” he explains.

“It’s a mini tv series – people seem to enjoy it so far and (this) week we start brand new episodes.”

Listen to Blow Our Cover here.


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