Police issue stern warning to drivers ahead of holiday season

Published 5:00pm 9 December 2022

Police issue stern warning to drivers ahead of holiday season
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

Queensland Police have issued a stern warning to motorists ahead of the Christmas holidays as they launch their annual road safety enforcement operation. 

Operation Charger will run from midnight Friday, December 9 through to midnight, January 27, and focus on drink and drug driving, speeding and restraints.

Acting Chief Superintendent Chris Stream said the state-wide operation would involve a significant number of highly visible and covert police across the state.

“We want each person who travels on our roads over the Christmas and New Year period to arrive to their loved ones safely,” Acting Chief Superintendent Stream said. 

“This year we have lost 279 lives on our roads. These are 279 families with an empty seat at Christmas lunch this year.

“Our message to road users is clear – your presence is by far the best gift you can give your family this Christmas.”

Don't drink and drive

“If you decide to drink over the Christmas period, never drive – it’s that simple,” Acting Chief Superintendent Stream said.

“During last year’s enforcement operation, more than 174,000 breath tests were conducted with more than 2,000 drunk drivers detected on Queensland roads.

“This year, we’re expecting to conduct more breath tests and we have a simple ask for road users – don’t drive if you’ve been drinking. If you make the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking, you can expect to see us.”

Acting Chief Superintendent Stream also praised the thousands of drivers who drive responsibly every day.

“We are committed to reducing dangerous behaviours on our roads whether it be through our enforcement operations, education programs or speed camera sites," he said. 

“The mindset you get in the car with often determines the decisions you make on your journey.

“While we will be out there, doing our part to keep our roads safe, the decision to drive safely ultimately starts with you.”


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