Push to ban caravans, boats from street parking

Published 11:00am 3 March 2023

Push to ban caravans, boats from street parking
Words by Jodie Powell

Caravans, trailers and boats could be banned from parking on the roadside under a new law proposed by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

The new law could also pave the way for cars to legally park with two wheels on the road and two wheels on the verge to allow for safer travel in areas such as Griffin and North Lakes where streets are very narrow.

“Council understands that in narrow streets, vehicles parked legally on both sides of a road can create access issues for other drivers, can impact views of oncoming traffic for pedestrians and other vehicles and can obstruct emergency vehicles,” the proposed law says.

Councillors this week voted to seek community comment about the proposed Parking Local Law 2023 and the Parking Subordinate Local Law 2023.

If the law is passed, parking recreational vehicles such as caravans, motorhomes and camper trailers, as well as large vehicles including boats and trailers, will be regulated, except if the large vehicle is a work trailer, commercial vehicle or parked for a permitted purpose and for a permitted timeframe.

Improving safety

A report presented to Council says the proposed law aims to regulate parking on roads, road verges, traffic areas or off-street regulated parking areas, minimises risks to public and road safety and protects visual and public amenity.

Councillor Mick Gillam (Div 8) said he had received many complaints about boats and caravans clogging local streets, but it was very important the community had a chance to have its say on the issue.

“(Under the law) it will become illegal to park your caravan or boat trailer on the road except when you’re getting ready to take it away,” Cr Gillam said.

“This is the chance for the community to have its say one way or another if they approve of what we have done.”

Councillor Yvonne Barlow (Div 7) also urged the community to make its views known, saying street parking for boats and camper trailers was a challenge in housing estates with narrower roads.

Councillor Matt Constance (Div 10) said some owners ran extension cords from their homes to caravans parked on the street, causing a trip hazard.

As part of the proposal, residents will be able to apply for permits to park their large vehicles on the street.

Consultation starts on March 6 and runs for 21 days. Read the draft law and have your say here.


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