Q&A with Julie Bishop

Posted: 12pm 17 Jun 2021

Australia’s first female Foreign Minister and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party Julie Bishop is the keynote speaker at the next Business Moreton Bay Region luncheon tomorrow.

Her address will cover Australia’s global competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world, and during a time of great challenge and opportunity.

The luncheon will include a panel discussion about how the Moreton Bay Region can benefit from a possible 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.

Moreton Daily put the following questions to Ms Bishop ahead of the event.

Q. Why is it important for Australian businesses and governments (of all levels) to identify opportunities during this challenging time across the globe?

A. The world is going through a time of significant economic, geopolitical and geostrategic change, and it is vital that all trading nations are alert and nimble in seeking out new opportunities.

Q. Why are we well-positioned to do this?

A. Australia is well-positioned due to the fact that our exports are widely regarded around the world as high quality and clean. Australia is also seen as an attractive place for tourists to visit, given our amazing natural environment and world-renowned food and wine scene.

Q. What are some of the sectors we need to focus on in terms of research and development?

A. Almost all areas, as the world is a highly competitive place and if we do not maintain our edge in export industries then it will be overtaken by others.

Q. How can regions like Moreton Bay get a piece of the action?

A. Focus on your strengths and work with local business to ensure there is a welcoming environment for international visitors and investment.

Q. How can our region maximise opportunities, resulting from the 2032 Olympic Games, if Brisbane wins its bid to host the event?

A. The lesson of the Sydney is twofold. Olympic games can bring great opportunity for infrastructure development and also increased tourism. Ensuring visitors to your region have a great time and can access key services helps build long-term support for tourism within the region. Word of mouth internationally is a vastly underestimated resource.

Q. What does success look like on this front (maximising opportunities from Olympics)?

A. Success always looks like success. It means increased business turnover and ongoing interest in the region from international tourists and investors.

Q. Are you missing political life?

A. No.

Q. What are you enjoying most in your post-political life?

A. I have the freedom to set my daily agenda, and to be more in control of my destiny.

Q. What do political parties need to do to encourage more women to represent their communities?

A. Preselect more women to contest seats in parliaments.

Q. What do they need to do to make political life more equitable and improve the culture?

A. There are many changes that can make political life more equitable such as the use of technology to enable faster voting methods.

Q. Have you been surprised by the scandals of the past few months?

A. Political scandals are as old as politics, so I am not surprised. Politicians are as inspired and as flawed as the rest of our community.

Q. You’ve achieved so much in your career so far … What are your goals for the next five years?

A. My personal goals are to achieve higher levels of proficiency at yoga, and professionally I have a few projects in the works so watch this space.

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