Rain eases; severe weather warning remains

Posted: 11am 05 Apr 2021

The threat of heavy rain and flooding has eased, according to the Bureau of Meterorology, but severe weather warnings remain.

Meteorologist David Grant says there is still the potential for heavy rainfall, damaging winds and hazardous surf conditions.

“Although the peak period of severe weather has probably passed from overnight, the severe weather is still remaining, though it should start to abate as we move into tonight and Tuesday,” he says.

Mr Grant says the conditions are driven by a subtropical low off Fraser Island that has moved away from the coast, with the heaviest rain predicted offshore from Fraser Island and the Sunshine Coast.

Waterlogged catchments

A Flood Watch warning that covers coastal catchments between St Lawrence and the NSW border, extending inland to the Darling Downs, remains.

“Although the heavy rain risk is starting to diminish, a lot of catchments are very saturated and will respond quite quickly to any further rainfall,” Mr Grant says.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Commissioner Mike Wassing urges motorists to drive carefully as they return from Easter long weekend holidays.

“It’s still wet, particularly in the coastal areas – be patient.

“There’s still the chance of localised flooding – turn back and find alternative routes,” he says.

Sandbagging stations open

There are currently two road closures listed in the Moreton Bay Region - Best Rd at Mount Mee and the Leitchs Road Pedestrian Bridge at South Pine River, Brendale

Moreton May Regional Council’s sandbagging stations are open to help residents prepare for the predicted rain.

Council’s sandbagging stations offer free sandbags, but residents should bring their own shovel to fill the bags.

Council advises that sandbags can reduce the impact of flooding if they’re placed correctly in appropriate locations around property.

“However, they will not stop the water completely, so make sure you raise your valuables off the floor to prevent damage from floodwater.”

Where to get help

Find your nearest sandbagging station here.

Read more local news here.



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