Samford Farmers’ Hall Remains Heart of Village Almost 100 Years On

Posted: 9am 09 Feb 2018

It took a concerted effort from the community to create the place that has hosted celebrations and events in Samford for nearly 100 years. The Samford Farmers' Hall's history is testament to the strength of the community it continues to serve. An overcrowded Samford School ball prompted a group of farmers to search for a larger venue for social happenings.

A building committee was established and a disused hall at Lutwyche was purchased, with money donated by the community, and dismantled so that it could be moved and erected at its present location. Builder Tom Clapham was paid £ 157 to do the work with the aid of the community's army of volunteers.

Geoffrey Ewing, president of the Samford Farmers' Hall Association, says it is still used for weddings, community fundraising events, parties and by sports and community groups. “Part of the hall is used every day of the week,” Geoffery says. “These things are integral to the cohesion of the community.”

In 2007, the Samford Farmers' Hall Association was formed. Before then a board of trustees had managed the building.

The first trustees go back to the beginning in 1918. In almost 80 years, there have been only 21 trustees.

“We tend to have people who hang around. I think it is a sense of community. We all enjoy living here and see a value in a hall like this for the community,” Geoffrey says.

There are six people on the Committee these days. They 're passionate about preserving the character of the hall but making sure it's still functional so that the community will continue to use it.

“It’s something to do with the character of the building. There are not a lot that have been maintained in this way anywhere. People have a real affection for it.”

Major renovations included a new floor in 1993 and a lift was added some seven years ago. Electrical upgrades have also been made, and the hall was recently repainted inside and outside.

Research officer for the Samford District Historical Museum, Eileen Kemp, says the museum has a workbook by the builder Tom Clapham that shows the materials used.

The hall is stop No. 6 on the Samford Village Heritage Trail . The trail is a collaboration between the Samford Museum, the Rotary Club of Samford Valley and the Moreton Bay Regional Council.



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