Samford residents oppose 'concrete eye sore'

Published 1:30pm 2 June 2023

Samford residents oppose 'concrete eye sore'
Words by Ashleigh Howarth

Members of the Samford and Districts Progress and Protection Association (SDPPA) have opposed a development application that would see a new multi-story complex built in Samford Village, labelling it an “oversized metal and concrete eye sore”.

The development application was lodged in October 2022 by SMVJ 1234 Pty Ltd, who was commissioned by Emmett Herps Town Planning Pty Ltd.

The application features a development permit for shops, offices, food and drink outlets, as well as health care services to be built at 2-4 Main Street and 1-3 Junction Street.

In its application, the developer said the proposal would provide "additional choice and opportunities for business owners, residents and visitors of/to the township".

It also said the proposed development would provide a "high quality and detailed civic corner, which responds to and activates the location and reinforces Main Street’s identity as the township’s centre". 

Speaking at Council’s meeting on Tuesday morning, Don Cousins from SDPPA said the proposed development would take away the semi-rural lifestyle and vibe of the village and cause traffic headaches for residents.

“The proposed structure is an overdevelopment of the site. It exceeds 8.5m above natural ground level and will present as a large box abutting Junction Street and Samford Road,” Don said.

“It’s significantly larger and more imposing than all other buildings in the village. It will dominate the entrance to Samford Village and Main Street. It will be an oversized metal and concrete eye sore.

“We believe the DA reaches well outside Council’s zoning codes and does not embrace the Samford and the local community’s lived experience of these codes, particularly in regard to Samford Village’s rural feel and its local township character.

“The residents and local community do not want this.”

More than 300 submissions from residents were received. 

It is not yet clear when Moreton Bay Regional Council will vote on the development application, but a Council spokesperson said a letter requiring additional information was issued to the applicant yesterday. 

See more photos of the proposed building below. 

Increase in traffic flow

During his five-minute speech to Council, Don also spoke about the negative impact the proposed building would have on traffic and parking, saying up to 1400 cars would turn “residential streets into busy thoroughfares”.

“The DA seeks to change 1-3 Junction Street from a residential to commercial premises. Such action will turn quiet residential streets, in particular Junction Street, into very busy thoroughfares,” Don explained.

“This material change of use was the most important issue raised in the many submissions made to Council recently. The DA does not acknowledge that Junction Street, and the surrounding local streets, are located in a small residential precinct in a small village in a semi-rural area.

“The DA highlights that 1400 or more vehicles a day will use these local residential streets – at times there may be about 200 vehicles an hour, whereas the current numbers of vehicles are less than 100 vehicles a day.

“Other significant issues raised in the submissions were traffic issues, logistics and service operations and car parking. What the development proposes is a lifestyle altering increase in traffic along Junction Street and Progress Street, and to a lesser degree in Ingrid Street and Bergman Street.

“These are all Council roads and therefore we rely on you to consider the DA’s applications and implications in some detail.”


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