Searching for Sandrine

Published 7:00am 8 December 2023

Searching for Sandrine
Words by Jodie Powell

A retired police detective on a quest to find out what happened to a woman who went missing from Caboolture eleven years ago is looking to the community for help.

Redcliffe’s Graeme Crowley has created a podcast about Sandrine Jourdan, who was last seen at Caboolture on July 13, 2012, and says while the coroner ruled her death a suicide, he believes the then 37-year-old met with foul play.

Graeme's first podcast covered the 1991 murder of 12-year-old Leanne Holland, the trial of Graham Stafford and the subsequent quashing of his conviction in 2009 after spending 15 years in prison.

His second podcast, Loose Ends. The Singh Family Tragedy, covered the brutal triple murder of the Singh children, and the conviction of Max Sica for the murders.

Graeme airs some disturbing evidence which throws doubt on whether Sica was the killer.

Finding the truth

Graeme says Sandrine - who was last seen on acreage property at 123 Tomlinson Rd, Caboolture owned by a friend - could not possibly have committed suicide and the person responsible for her murder remains at large.

“Where’s the body? That’s the main reason,” Graeme says.

“Someone who commits suicide can’t hide themselves.

“She didn’t have a car and she was at a friend’s place.”

Calling for an inquest

Graeme, who is working with Sandrine’s family, believes three men may hold the key to finding the truth about Sandrine, but police had spoken to them all and eliminated them as persons of interest.

He’s also frustrated that her disappearance was deemed suicide and wants a full coronial inquest so people involved with the case can be called as witnesses.

“It was written off as suicide, so people who may have had some information didn’t do anything about it.

“Pretty much from day one they treated it as suicide.

How you can help

“I want to promote her story because I think there’s people out there with evidence.

“The first two podcasts podcasts were on cases that had been solved and people that were arrested and convicted – they had over a million downloads on each.

“Sandrine is a missing person and the downloads have been three times what I had for the previous ones - people want to be the armchair detective.”

If you can help email [email protected]


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